Bling Empire: Who Is Stephen Hung First Wife? Their Sons

Bling Empire star, Stephen Hung has set up an empire of real estate, hospitality, and other luxury industries, and it’s all for the sake of his children. But did you know his sons were born from his first marriage? And not from his relationship with Deborah Hung-Valdez.

So, who are Stephen Hung’s first wife and their sons? Keep reading to find out.

Who Is Bling Empire: New York Star Stephen Hung First Wife?

Multiple sources have claimed that Deborah Hung-Valdez is Stephen Hung’s first wife and Sean and Ivan’s mother. But that’s not the case. His first wife/the mother of his kids is still a mystery to this date.

Infact, Stephen’s sons, Sean and Ivan were old enough to give speeches and perform dance numbers when Stephen and Deborah got married at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong in 2012.

In case you missed it, Sean, Stephen’s best man that night, delivered a touching speech to honor the newlyweds, which hit an emotional high note. As for Ivan, he performed a spontaneous breakdancing number as the band played “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.

Overall, their ceremony reflected the newlyweds’ feelings of “love and respect for each other in the ceremony.”

Stephen Hung And Deborah Valdez-Hung Relationship

Stephen Hung first met Deborah Valdez-Hung in Hong Kong, China, as a client, when he was attending a Versace show. Immediately falling for each other, they then went on to date for three years before tying the knot in 2012.

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However, their love story isn’t that simple. Given Deborah’s 24 years younger than Stephen and Stephen’s reputation as a wealthy playboy, many were convinced that Deborah only married the millionaire for money. Many even tried to typecast her in the stereotype of foreign beauty marrying a rich man, who many did not consider conventionally handsome.

But the lovebirds didn’t care what others said. They stayed together no matter the adversity and were never shy about showering each other with love.

Are Stephen Hung And Deborah Valdez-Hung Still Married?

Yes, as of 2023, Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung are still married. Infact, the two recently celebrated their 11 years of marriage in January. Also, welcoming the new year, the lovebirds posed in front of Bulgari Resort in Dubai.

Whether Deborah married for money or not, she’s already proved that she loves Stephen. And that’s all that matter.

Also, Deborah’s modeling agency, Dreamodels, today is highly successful and has become a significant source of income for the Hungs. However, we have to agree that it was Stephen who helped Deborah turned her towards a path that was unexpected but certainly beneficial for her.

Before meeting Stephen, Deborah was working as a model while simultaneously pursuing her studies in the field of law. But today, she’s the owner of Dreamodels and is highly respected in the field of fashion. Whether it is a Versace show or that of Dior, Deborah is always guaranteed a coveted front-row spot.

On her own, Deborah’s estimated net worth was around $400 million. While the Hungs have a combined net worth of $2 billion.

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Do Stephen Hung And Deborah Valdez-Hung Have Children?

No, Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung share no children. And from what Deborah said on Bling Empire season 1, we don’t see any future additions to the Hung family happing any time soon.

It seems since the moment the lovebirds tied the knot, they have been constantly asked whether or not they would be having a child. And the frequency of the question has seemingly increased in recent times, it’s making Deborah uncomfortable.

“They don’t know what is happening with me. hey don’t know if I really want or I cannot, or Stephen cannot, or he doesn’t want. People are just annoying,” she said.

For now, their only kids are Sean and Ivan, from Stephen’s first marriage.

Their son, Sean Hung was a Managing Partner at Chiron Group, a digital asset investment group, aiming to accelerate the digital assets ecosystem by deploying significant resources on projects. Also, he was a Strategic Advisor at and Talon Esports.

As for his education, Sean has a Bachelor’s degree (Finance, General) from St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong, and a Master’s of Business Admisntation degree from Northeastern University.

  • What Do We Know About Stephen Hung Parents And Siblings?

Stephen Hung comes from an affluent family. His parents were successful real estate investors who always encouraged Stephen and his siblings to focus on higher learning and academia.

Also, thanks to their legacy, Stephen didn’t have to pave his own way through life.

However, this didn’t mean, Stephen didn’t have to work at all. Growing up in a wealthy household only inspired Stephen to continue along the same path. But in the end, it was thanks to his experience stems as a former banker and property speculator that he recognized the value of establishing relationships with an elite group of professionals.

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Today, Stephen has been the chairman/founder of SH Capital Group for over 3 decades. Also, he’s been the vice chairman of Rio Hotel & Casino for over 17 years.

  • How Tall Is Stephen Hung?

Stephen Hung stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Stephen has brown eyes, straightened hair with a mix of red, blond, and black, and a healthy body.

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