Stephen Gillen Wikipedia, Net Worth, Young, Jailed, Wife, Books

Stephen Gillen Wikipedia, net worth, young, in prison, wife, books

Stephen Gillen Wikipedia, Net Worth, Young, Jailed, Wife, Books – A legendary London mobster who spent his first 14 years in prison expressed his desire to help today’s children stay away from a life of crime and violence. Stephen Gillen, 51, has undergone a dramatic transformation after being released from the UK’s “darkest and most desperate” prison, where he had been held for more than ten years.

Stephen Gillen Wikipedia, net worth, young, in prison, wife, books

Before being jailed for 17 years at the Old Bailey, the former professional criminal was a member of the street gangs that terrorized the East End in the 1980s. He shared time with many of the most dangerous criminals. during that period in 25 moves as a Class A prisoner, including Charles Bronson, whom he met privately.

He decided to change his life after his release in 2003 and is now dedicated to helping others stay away from a career in crime. His life story was made into a £36m movie and he is now a popular television and literary personality. Among his upcoming projects is a TV series with boxer Mike Tyson.

In an interview with MyLondon, Stephen shared information about his challenging upbringing in Bethnal Green, London, which inspired him to pursue a career in organized crime. After arriving in London from Ireland, he stayed in several children’s homes, where he complained about violent and physically abusive staff, which he did his best to hide from the children. less.

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Due to these conditions, he turned to petty crime and was jailed for the first time just two weeks after he turned 14. “It was the first time, I only had two months, and I had a month,” he recalls. I had no ideal type except the criminals of the day who would have all the flashy cars and all the women. I really was a wild kid that way. The presentation of that whole photograph was fascinating.

Then, after getting involved with gangs in the East End, he was jailed at age 16 for stabbing a man during a gang fight. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison for intentionally causing injury under Article 18.

He added during the Zoom discussion: “I was active in street gangs back then, but more than that, it was like an alternative family. “You want to fit in and be accepted because it gives you a sense of security. But you’re well dressed and the older kids know what they’re doing because they’ve been through it before. That’s how it all started: in a way, they took advantage of you and put you in danger so they could protect themselves.

He was kicked out of two prisons before finding HMP Portland, which he likened to “Dracula’s Castle”, on the banks of the Portsmouth River. After serving his prison term, he continued to operate in the criminal underworld and began to take more and more risks.

“Back then I was involved in much more structured crime. It was basically anything that involved money, including guns, organized crime, armed robbery, extortion, extortion. And even if we weren’t aware of it, we were well prepared for the time because there were some of the older top crime leaders. That’s really ominous and not must be a good thing, it’s a kind of diversion to more authentic organized crime.

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