Stella Stevens Passed Away At The Age Of 84

Stella Stevens, the famous actress, passed away on February 17, 2023 at the age of 84. According to her son Andrew, she had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for a long time and was receiving care at the hospice. poor at the time of death. Stella’s manager and friend, Maria Calabrese, released a statement in her honor. Calabrese noted that it was an honor to work with Stevens and that she was one of the “loveliest and smartest” people she had ever met. The statement goes on to say:

“Although I do wish I could have done more for her in the later years of her career and share her frustration at how desperate she was to make the leap from the three-way icon. American threat to producer – her wish, which never came to fruition, was to produce three original scripts for a western,” she said.

As soon as news of Stevens passed away, Twitter was flooded with condolences for the late actress:

Stella Stevens is gone. REST IN PEACE

– TitusWelliver (@welliver_titus) February 18, 2023

Stella Stevens is survived by her son Andrew, as well as three grandchildren, Amelia, Aubrey and Samuel.

Stella Stevens’ successful career in entertainment

Stevens, born October 1, 1938, attended St. Anne’s and Sacred Heart. She then enrolled in Memphis Evening School and then Memphis State University. Stevens made her film debut in the 1959 musical comedy Say One for Me, in which she played Chorine. Followed by The Blue Angel, Li’l Abner, Man-Trap, Too Late Blues, Girls! Girls! Girls!, and Flirting with Eddie’s father, among others.

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In addition to his film career, he began appearing in television shows in 1960, and made his debut in the anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. She appeared as Judy in one episode of the series and appeared in five other shows that year: Johnny Ringo, Hawaiian Eye, Bonanza, Riverboat, and General Electric Theater.

Stella Stevens is best remembered for her role as Stella Purdy in The Madman, a 1963 sci-fi comedy. Directed by Jerry Lewis, the film received critical acclaim and starred Lewis in the film. lead role, with Del Moore and Kathleen Freeman in supporting roles. It led to a remake in 1996, followed by a sequel in 2000.

Stella Stevens

Stella also appeared in Frontier Circus, Ghost Story, Hec Ramsey, Police Story, Wonder Woman, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, General Hospital, Nash Bridges and other films. Stevens also directed the films The American Heroine and The Ranch. Stevens has also appeared in films such as Advance to the Rear, Sol Madrid, The Crazy Room, The Poseidon Adventure, Nickelodeon, The Nutt House, Bikini Hotel, Bless, Popstar, etc.

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