Stardew Valley: 10 Most Valuable Crops To Grow, Ranked

Video games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing are popular with players due to their relaxing qualities and a wide variety of paths to choose from. In Stardew Valley, there are tons of crops that users can choose from when building their farms and each has its own season, versatility, and yield.

Since the game is very much left up to the player’s own personal preferences, it can be overwhelming at times for beginners to know where to start. Therefore, it is extremely helpful and advantageous to know what plants maximize the most profits and functionality to optimize the gaming experience.


This spring vegetable’s seeds can be bought at Pierre’s General Store for only 80g. It takes twelve days to mature until harvest and sells for 175-350g, raising a 95-270g profit. Although it only provides around seven gold per day, Cauliflower has the ability to become a giant crop, which doesn’t die at the change of seasons and provides more yield, greatly maximizing profits.

The plant can also be used in the Cheese Cauliflower recipe, which helps relationships with Maru and Pam. Many fans consider Cauliflower to be one of the best Spring crops, although it does have a longer maturity time.


A crop of Rhubarb in Stardew Valley.

Rhubarb Seeds are only available at the Oasis shop for 100g. There are thirteen days until harvest, for which it then sells for 220-440g, more than double its purchasing price. Despite its slow growth, it does provide a sizeable profit with an average of nine gold per day.

It is a little more difficult for beginner Stardew Valley players to acquire the Spring plant since players must first gain access to the Desert, but it is also a key ingredient in Rhubarb Pie which is extremely profitable and beneficial to users’ connections with the villagers, particularly if they’re interested in romancing a Stardew Valley NPC. 


The player character harvests melons in Stardew Valley

Melons are beloved Summer treats that players can purchase at Pierre’s General Store for only 80g. After twelve days, it can be harvested and sold for 250-500g, resulting in a handsome profit of 170-420g. It is also available to become a giant crop that is not only extremely profitable but also visually appealing in the gardens of this top-down RPG.

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Melons have a variety of uses, including as an important component of the Fruit Salad and Pink Cake recipes as well as a gift loved by Penny. It reigns in a decent fourteen gold per day ratio.


Farmer is their Autumn crops in Stardew Valley

Pumpkins are an iconic Fall crop that’s only 100g at Pierre’s General Store and can be sold for 320g-640g after a thirteen-day wait. It returns an average of sixteen gold per day. This vegetable is also capable of becoming a giant crop and is considered by many the best giant crop out of all three.

The biggest downside to this vegetable is that it needs to be re-seeded every time and the cost can build up. But, Pumpkins do beat out many other crops in their versatility, since they can be used in both dishes like Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Soup and carved into Jack-O-Lanterns.

Sweet Gem Berry

A crop of Sweet Gem Berry in Stardew Valley.

Sweet Gem Berries are a little rarer in comparison to other crops easily bought from Pierre’s. It can only be obtained in a limited amount from the Traveling Cart during the Spring or the Summer or a Seed Maker and typically costs 1,000g. But, after waiting for the plant to mature for 24 days, it does sell up from three to six times its original price which averages out to be around 83 gold per day.

Other than being sold or used for more seeds, Sweet Gem Berries are very limited in what they can do. But, they are much more likely for players to come upon than even more rare, special crops like Ancient Fruit.


A crop of coffee beans in Stardew Valley.

Coffee is a multi-season crop that grows during the Spring and Summer. Although it is quite expensive from the Traveling Cart, the investment pays off nicely. It takes the plant ten days until harvest and then regrows four beans every two days.

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These beans can be used for farming more coffee, or five of them can be used to make the actual coffee drink. The crop is popular with fans due to the fact that it helps reduce energy spent on planting crops since it can be harvested throughout two seasons.


A crop of Cranberries in Stardew Valley.

Cranberry Seeds are available at Pierre’s General Store for a hefty price of 240g, but the initial high investment price pays off over time. It takes only seven days to reach harvest and regrows every five days. Each plant produces two seeds that each can be sold for 75-150g, averaging out to a nice eighteen gold per day ratio which is the highest out of all Fall crops.

Cranberries can be used in a variety of different ways. They keep well in storage for the Winter season, which can be a source of profit, and can also be used in recipes like Cranberry Candy and Sauce that are helpful when socializing with the NPC villagers of Stardew Valley.


A crop of Starfruit in Stardew Valley.

Starfruit is an iconic and extremely beneficial Summer crop. It can be bought at the Oasis shop for 400g and takes thirteen days to mature until harvest. It sells for 750-1,500g, which rounds out to be a considerable profit of 26 gold per day.

The Starfruit plant itself is not particularly exceptional, but it becomes ridiculously profitable when turned into Artisan products like Jelly and Wine, which can be sold for 1,550g and 2,250g respectively. This plant can essentially help save any and all money problems in Stardew Valley and leave players absolutely swimming in gold.


A crop of Strawberries in Stardew Valley.

Strawberries are considered the most valuable Spring crops. Unfortunately, they can only be bought at the Egg Festival on the 13th of every Spring for 100g. The plant takes only eight days until harvest and regrows a new Strawberry every four days. Each fruit can be sold for 120-240g apiece, reigning in a hefty twenty gold per day profit.

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Many players suggest buying as many Strawberry Seeds as possible during the Egg Festival and then saving them to plant for the next Spring season. This way, their profit can be best maximized with at least five yields before the Summer.


The player character with their blueberry crop in Stardew Valley

Blueberries are not only an extremely popular and iconic crop, but it also has the highest ratio of return out of all Summer plants, with a sizeable twenty gold per day. Blueberry Seeds are available at Pierre’s General Store for 80g and can be sold for 50-100g per Blueberry. The plant takes thirteen days to mature and regrows every four days with three new blueberries.

This crop has an incredibly high amount of output and can essentially produce at least 150g per harvest, which is every four days. Blueberries provide players with tons of profit and are extremely easy to come by. They can also make other products like Blueberry Jelly, Blueberry Wine, and even a Blueberry Tart.

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