Star Wars: Why Ahsoka Tano Had WHITE Lightsabers (& What They Mean)

Ahsoka Tano is Star Wars Franchise – As such, she has a unique white lightsaber, not seen anywhere else in the canon. When ahsoka debuted Star Wars: Clone Wars, she was initially controversial. But her stellar writing skills — not to mention the stellar performance of voice actress Ashley Eckstein — quickly made her a fan favorite. Basically, she became a recurring protagonist in various movies Star Wars Drama, Rosario Dawson plays Ahsoka live-action Palestinians Season 2.

Ahsoka’s image is special, especially since she wields two dazzling white lightsabers. It’s easy to see this as an aesthetic, but Star Wars It has been emphasized that the color of the lightsaber is very important; it signifies the Jedi’s personality, and the transparent kyber crystal changes color to match the nature of its owner. Ahsoka begins with a green lightsaber, which usually signifies inner harmony and compassion. Upon becoming a duelist, Ahsoka built a second lightsaber with a short shoto-style blade, which is also green. But when Ahsoka left the Jedi Council, the experience had a profound effect on her character; so in Star Wars: Clone Wars In Season 7, she wields a blue sword, which symbolizes strength of character and inner determination. Star WarsHowever, Ahsoka’s blade changed color again – this time white. EK Johnston’s novel tells the story of Ahsoka’s white lightsaber Ahsoka; While the first part of the book contracts directly Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 7, and there’s no reason to think the rest should be considered unofficial.

According to Johnston’s novel, Ahsoka was one of many Jedi colleagues who emerged after Order 66. A man of integrity and courage, Ahsoka realized that she could not stand by as the Empire ravaged the universe. river. But every time she stepped out of the shadows, she found herself being hunted by Darth Vader’s Inquisitors. She defeated an Inquisitor in battle and removed the kyber crystals from his lightsaber, which had been damaged by the Dark Side – a process the Sith called “bleeding” the crystals. kyber body. Ahsoka was able to use her own connection to the light side of the Force to rearrange the kyber crystals, healing them from the influence of the dark side. In the process, she creates unique and distinct white crystals.

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based on Star Wars Showrunner Dave Filoni (via Lucasfilm), the white lightsaber reflects the fact that Ahsoka is neither Sith nor Jedi. She is in a unique position to serve the light side of the Force while not bound by the traditions of the Jedi Order. While other Order 66 survivors like Cal Kestis dreamed of restoring the Jedi Order, Ahsoka wasn’t really interested in the idea; instead, she focuses solely on overthrowing the Empire and bringing peace to the galaxy. She was standing in a very lonely place, a former Jedi who had rebelled against the Sith, and the white lightsaber reflected that.

The fact that such clear white is traditionally a symbol of purity shows that Ahsoka’s actions are indeed commendable. In a sense, she is more loyal to the Light Side than any Jedi who trained her, as she is not bound by tradition or history, but does what she believes the Force will do. in any situation. she still has those white lightsabers Palestinians Season 2; if she doesn’t, shows Ahsoka becoming a Jedi again, teaming up with Luke Skywalker to get the Jedi Order back.

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