Star Wars’ Knights Of Ren Were An Even Bigger Failure Than We Thought

Star Wars’ The defeat of the Knights of London was more serious than we imagined. Presented as a land of shadow warriors under the command of Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), Order has been underutilized throughout the sequel trilogy. Likewise, revelations about Ben Solo and his alienation of Kylo have made the mistake with the Knights of Ren even worse.

Debut Divine Power AwakensThe Force vision and flashback sequence Rey (Daisy Ridley) experiences when she first touches the legendary lightsaber that Anakin and Luke Skywalker originally possessed. However, the entire Knight Order was never seen or mentioned the last jedi. Likewise, the Knights of Ren in the rise of skywalkerthough what they do should be more important to Ben Solo’s Kylo Ren on an emotional level.

Ren Knight should have given Kailo a sense of belonging

Thankfully, the classic comic helped unravel the Knights of Ren, revealing their history in the Galactic Civil War and how Ben Solo became their dark leader. Shortly after Luke’s Jedi Temple was destroyed and Ben fled to Snoke, the First Order’s Supreme Leader encouraged Ben to seek out the Knights and join them, a chance to reinvent himself. body under a new name, Kylo. In the end, Kylo found the Knights and killed their leader Ren. As their new Ren, it is revealed that the Dark Side Warriors band is more important to Kylo Ren than appearing in the movie.

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As shown in Kristen Baver’s reference guide Star Wars: 100 objectsKylo Ren’s helmet section is very revealing:

“Although he didn’t need the helmet to intimidate his followers, he found that he really liked the way it made them cringe. His helmet helped reinforce his place in the Knights of Ren. He feels like he really belongs.”

That last sentence is worth mentioning, confirming that Kylo Ren has found a group on the dark side to which he finally feels he belongs. Again, hints that this sense of belonging is much stronger than he felt as Luke’s apprentice at the Jedi Academy.

The Rise of Skywalker doesn’t give Ren Knight any emotional meaning

News that the Knights have secretly served Palpatine will have an emotional impact on Ben Solo. Unfortunately, although the redeemed Ben faced the knight in a duel that was too short, to no avail. the rise of skywalkerThe above excerpt makes it clear that the Knights of Ren are supposed to be a family of explorers. They should have been more important, and their betrayal should have hurt Ben, and maybe even a pivotal moment in his arc. the rise of skywalker. Instead, it’s just another way Star Wars The sequel ultimately failed Knights of Ren.

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