Star Trek Reveals Picard Fought A Janeway & Voyager Alien Enemy

Warning: Content Reveal for Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Episode 4 – “No Winning Situation”Interstellar Travel: Picard Season 3 reveals that Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) faced off against the first introduced alien species. Interstellar Travel: The TravelerDuring a flashback to “No Victory Situation”, Jean-Luc is interrupted by a group of eager young Starfleet officers while having lunch at the Forward Ten. Although his black-dotted cod may have cooled, Jean-Luc still entertains audiences with stories of his adventures, including his incredible encounter with Hirogen, a cant. type often shared with Captain Catherine Janeway (Kate Marr). Gru (Kate Mulgrew) and his crew encounter the USS Voyager, an alien hunter.

Hirogen are a species of nomadic hunter, and their nomadic nature means interstellar travel canon. However, they may have originated from the Delta Quadrant, as Janeway and the Travelers were in Interstellar Travel: The Traveler Season 4, episode 14, “Message in a Bottle”. Currently, Interstellar Travel: Picard Season 3 confirmed that at least one Hirogen entered the Alpha Quadrant, looking for Jean-Luc Picard as their prey.

Star Trek shows Picard fighting aliens

One of the practitioners asked Picard about his encounter with Hirogen, Jean-Luc wrote in his memoirs. Disappointed that Picard only described the diplomatic situation, the young practitioner had a few questions about Hirogen. PIcard brushed aside questions about how the creature got into the Alpha Quadrant or whether he sought advice from Admiral Janeway of the Travels, but was happy to tell them how he defeated Hirogen . Picard tells his captive audience that Lieutenant Colonel Wolfe (Michael Dorn) has cleverly created a dead end trap. The dead corner trap mentioned probably used Picard as bait and when Hirogen Alpha moved towards the prey, the trap fell on them.

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Picard’s story of Hirogen is really the second Interstellar Travel: The Traveler Enemy has been referenced Interstellar Travel: Picard. exist Picard Season 1 sees Hirogen in the abandoned Borg cube Artifact, home to former Borg drones, one of which is Hirogen. The Traveler crew first encountered the Herogens when they accidentally used its vast relay network to send messages to the Alpha Quadrant. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) observes that the transition network lasts interstellar travel Delta and Alpha quadrants, setting up Picard’s later encounter with Hirogen.

When did Picard and The Enterprise fight Hirogen?

Picard and Wolfe confront Herogen in Star Trek

Jean-Luc Picard puts his encounter with Hirogen in relation to Major Wolfe Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie timeline. Since Wolfe spent most of his time serving in Deep Space Nine, it’s unclear exactly when he and Picard will face Herogen. Picard tells Janeway it was nice to see her again as she informed him about Romulus in the first place. Interstellar Travel: The Enemyso Jean-Luc may have really sought Janeway’s advice against Hirogen.

While the network relay allows USS Enterprise-E to encounter Hirogen after returning Worf to DS9 Star Trek: Rebellion, Encounters are more likely to happen later arch enemyPerhaps Worf stayed on board during this time to fill the void Captain Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Lieutenant Data (Brent Spiner) left beside Picard when he faced Hirogen.back Interstellar Travel: PicardBeverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), the meeting with Hirogen is another fascinating insight into the post-Enterprise-E adventures.natural gas company Movie.

Interstellar Travel: Picard Season 3 airs every Thursday on Paramount+.

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