Spot 3 differences between the two scooter pictures within 13 seconds!

A spot the difference game consists of two pictures that appear to be identical at first glance, but are different from each other. The reader needs to identify all the differences between the two images.

These differences can range from a subtle change in colour, shape, or position to more prominent variations, such as different objects. 

The best part of attempting this activity is that it develops your attention to detail and visual perception skills. 

It also boosts brain health by engaging the brain and eyes, thereby providing good exercise for the brain and improving concentration and mental alertness.

Are you ready to test how sharp your attention to detail is?

Attempt this challenge now!

Spot the Difference: Spot 3 Differences in 13 Seconds

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The image depicted above shows two parked scooters placed side by side.

At first glance, you might feel that the two pictures are almost identical.

But once you start paying close attention, you can see that both images are slightly different from each other.

There are, in fact, three differences between them. 

The task of the readers is spot those 3 differences between the two scooter pictures in 13 seconds.

Your time starts now!

Some of the differences will be easy to spot, while the remaining ones can get a little tricky.

Note down all the differences that you come across so that you can tally them later.

Studies suggest that engaging in such activities stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for concentration and memory. 

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Therefore, practising these activities on a regular basis will result in enhanced concentration and better memory retention.

How many differences have you spotted so far?

Hurry up; time is running out.


Time’s up.

Have you spotted all the differences within the time limit?

Congratulations to those readers who were able to spot all the differences.

You have excellent observation skills.

Those who are still searching can stop looking now and check out the solutions provided below.

Spot 3 Differences in 13 Seconds: Solution

The three differences between the two scooter pictures are as follows:


Do share this challenge with your family and friends to see who solves it in the fastest time.

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