SpongeBob’s Super Weenie Hut Jr’s Becomes Detailed Cake in New Video

Super Weenie Hut Jr restaurant looks like a cake from SpongeBob . Square Pants turned into a real cake in a new video on Instagram. The diner first appeared in the cartoons “No Dogs Allowed” and “Trapped in the Juicer” and debuted in 2002. Super Weenie Hut Jr’s later appeared in the “Yellow Avengers” video game and video game. Online “Can You Find It” SpongeBob Square Pants?

As far as memorable scenes from animated shows, very few people come close to memorable moments in cartoons. SpongeBob . Square PantsThere’s a reason the show has been so successful and lasting, having won titles like the fifth-longest US animated series and Nickelodeon’s highest rated series. 23 years later (and three movies), sponges It still resonates with fans to this day.

Now, in a video shared by the official SpongeBob . Square Pants The Super Weenie Hut Jr’s Instagram account has turned into a cake that actually looks pretty accurate. With the shape of a yellow cake topped with icing and chocolate sprinkles, the TV series’ restaurant features a unicorn, rainbow, sun and heart, perfect for the salon interpretation. cake. This video showcases the restaurant’s replica in the form of a cake made by Layers Bakery. The article can be seen below:

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Cakes are a creative choice that can be used as a means of paying homage to one of the many memorable moments. spongesbut it’s not the only vehicle, especially since the SpongeBob SquarePants universe is so vast. In fact, there are even some fan videos, using Animal Crossing: New Horizonsa tribute to the iconic sponge.one ACNH Players manage to recreate SpongeBob . Square Pants‘ There’s a Crumploid in the iconic “I Don’t Need It” scene, as the yellow variant of the gyroscope is the perfect duo for the deeply dehydrated SpongeBob SquarePants. Another medium of creative homage is cosplay, in which a talented makeup artist transforms herself into SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick, Plankton, Boss Krabs, etc.

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Offers cakes, video games, role-playing, etc. SpongeBob . Square Pants And with all its famous moments, the show is clearly still influential and popular decades after it first aired. At this point, the show is older than some younger audiences, and some of those who grew up watching the show may have stepchildren currently watching. With new episodes still in the works and with another SpongeBob movie in the works, it’s safe to say this won’t be the last tribute to the iconic sponge.

Source: SpongeBob SquarePants/Instagram

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