Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake: health upgrade locations

Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake has a handful of tricky segments throughout its surprisingly lengthy campaign, but it isn’t a game that most would deem to be overwhelmingly challenging. As such, the titular hero’s four underpants – the game’s version of hit points – are usually plenty to get most players through the adventure, especially considering how frequent health refills are across levels. But if you’re looking to add some additional pairs of underoos to your health pool, you won’t want to miss the game’s couple of hidden health upgrades (golden underpants). Read on to find out where to get them.

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Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom health upgrade

Note: This health upgrade may only be available after completing the level and returning later.

After making your way through about half of the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom level, you’ll eventually travel across some rooftops and land in a large circular spot with homes made of cardboard lining the area. Head forward into the next section past the checkpoint and hop on the dumpster directly ahead, then use it to hoist yourself up on the ledge of the brick wall.

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Blow a bubble into the nearby inflatable and use it to jump over to the circular platform on the other side, then jump to the smaller one behind it and over to the rooftop. Turn and look left to see the health upgrade, which you can reach by doing a karate kick to the balloon next to it. Easy-peasy!

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Medieval Sulfur Fields health upgrade

A little ways into the Medieval Sulfur Fields level, you’ll receive a new main objective of “Find a key to open the stable door,” at which point you’ll need to slam on a button by the stable to open a path up the nearby ramparts. Head up the ramparts and follow the linear path until you find the green key in a chest. From here, continue around the outside of the rampart on the main path, up a seesaw platform, and onto the next section, where you’ll see two spike traps.

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Below the spike trap area, on the outer side of the castle wall, will be two floating Tiki heads, and below them is a hidden entrance with some more Tiki heads blocking the path. Jump or glide down to the wall of Tiki heads and attack them to clear the path. Inside this next room is a pair of golden underpants that you can collect to earn yourself another health point. Congratulations on your undies collection!

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