Spire Entertainment’s CEO Resigned After The OMEGA X Assault Scandal

The CEO of Spire Entertainment, the company involved in the OMEGA X hacking scandal, has officially resigned. In a statement, the company apologized to the fans, members and their parents. Spire Entertainment released a statement on November 7 to comfort fans of the Love Me Like singer and publicly apologize, taking full responsibility for the incident:

“Apart from this dire situation, we sincerely apologize for letting you down due to the agency’s inadequate response to date. Spire Entertainment accepts full responsibility for this matter.”

OMEGA X made headlines last month when some fans saw their CEO verbally and physically attack the boy band in the United States. Since then, other views on the phenomenon have surfaced on the Internet. Fans expressed outrage at the incident, saying that the female CEO should resign if she can’t do her job effectively.

.@OmegaX_Officialthe firm @SPIRE_ENTCEO Kang has resigned after being accused of abusing Omega X members during the group’s US tour last month. Through the official statement on November 7, the company announced Kang’s voluntary resignation and apologized for the incident. pic.twitter.com/7qw5yUfZZH

– KpopHerald (@Kpop_Herald) November 8, 2022

The CEO of OMEGA X who was involved in the incident has resigned.

Spire Entertainment has now reached out to fans and members with an official apology and information regarding the sad incident with OMEGA X involving the CEO.

According to their statement:

“Hello and welcome to Spire Entertainment. First of all, we sincerely apologize to the members, as well as their parents and fans, who are concerned about OMEGA X and who may have been harmed by this situation.”

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It is further revealed that the CEO has resigned:

“And to prevent this from happening in the future, Spire Entertainment will work hard to resolve the issues you’ve raised.”

The agency also ensures that members will be treated fairly in the future:

Furthermore, we will do our best to avoid a repeat so that OMEGA X members do not have to go through this unpleasant situation again, and we will continue to contact the members as we do our best. to give them the best atmosphere possible. artistic activities. Sincere thanks.”

The announcement came shortly after the members created a new Instagram account other than the one linked to Spire Entertainment. They also discussed their feelings about the situation and informed fans that they wanted to be together and pursue their goals.


In the previous video, the CEO of Spire Entertainment, the company that manages OMEGA X, verbally and physically assaulted the group’s members. The entire action was captured on video and posted online, leaving fans worried for the members. Furthermore, eleven members of the group, along with their superiors, were left in the United States without agency support. Fortunately, they were able to safely return to Korea with tickets purchased with their own money.

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