Spider-Man’s Infamous ‘Clone Saga’ is Being Done Right With Spider-Gwen

warning! Spider-Gwen Content Reveal: Shadow Clone #1 Leading! Spider-Man’s infamous clone story is one of the most mocked Spider-Man stories of all time, but the new Spider-Man series has so far figured out how to craft an interesting story and intrigued by clones’ troubles. Since it’s in its own universe, the story may indirectly refer to The Clone Saga, but without the chaos and twists of the original.

Spider-Gwen is currently in the middle of his own clone story. In the new five-issue miniseries, Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clone Created by Emily Kim and Kei Zama, Gwen is obsessed with clones of herself, a cross between Gwen and classic Spider-Man villains. The first issue of the series sees Gwen encounter a combination of her and the mind-controlled Doctor Octopus, and the final page reveals another clone of her with Sandman’s powers. The fun of the series so far has been to see Gwen fight the two clones, and the question of what will happen next, since freed from mind control, the clones have powers and senses of their own.

Spider-Gwen’s Clone Saga can learn from the mistakes of the original

The Spider-Man Clone Saga aired from 1994 to 1996, with Peter Parker being replaced by a clone, Ben Reilly. Though he is initially revealed to be really the original Peter Parker, later as the whole clone story delves deeper into investigation and turns, Ben is revealed to be the clone himself. and the whole plot is actually choreographed by Green Goblin Norman Osborn. A much less complicated universe is Earth-65, home of Spider-Gwen. Gwen Stacy, or Spider-Man/Spider-Spider in her universe, since she was in Next to verse #2 Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez.

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A current reimagining of the Spider-Clone joke Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clone Highlights one of the great things about the Marvel Multiverse, which is the ability to reference stories and characters vicariously without fear of getting bogged down in continuity. shadow copy It doesn’t have to be a direct reference to the original clone story, but rather builds on what readers would expect from a Spider-Man clone story. Whether fans like it or not, clones have become an integral part of Spider-Man lore, but Gwen’s story doesn’t need to take years and pops up with a multitude of villains across the globe. final level. Instead, Gwen’s story could be a standalone one, rooted in her own personality and struggles.

Given Gwen’s pivotal role in the original story, she feels her own clone story is long overdue. The 1990 Clone Saga is technically the second Clone Saga, the first being 1975 Amazing Spider-Man Episode 1 #141-149 Written by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru. This story introduces the concept of cloning into Spider-Man mythology, as Peter Parker and Gwen’s former Earth-616 professor, Miles Warren, created a clone of the recently deceased Gwen, with whom he was obsessed. In the guise of Jackal, Miles tortures Peter with a future clone of Gwen and Ben Reilly. Gwen and Jackal’s subsequent appearances in this story have had little effect, so seeing a story in which her clone exists is more than a symbol of her Lost Obsessed Spider-Man and Miles, will definitely be back. Perhaps Spider-Gwen’s own cloning struggles could even pit her against Peter Parker, who tragically died on Earth 65, as a mirror to the human clone story. Earth-616 Spider. It is only considered Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clone Continue.

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Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clone #1 Now available from Marvel Comics.

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