Specimen Zero MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlocked all) 1.1.1

Model Zero MOD APK Info


unlock them all


– [ Player Menu ] –

  • – Godmode // takes no damage
  • – faux leather // monsters ignore you
  • – give away all the keys
  • – All equipment provided
  • – Removes all wooden planks (triggered before the game) /// Allows you to open the door, use player size to go under the door
  • – Skip the door code // exit code, just enter any number
  • – Unlimited wood
  • – Unlimited flashlight battery
  • – Flashlight brightness

– [ Weapon Menu ] –

  • – One hit kill
  • – unlimited ammo
  • – rate of fire
  • – ammo type

– [ Movement Menu ] –

  • – Long range kill
  • – carnage
  • – High
  • – speed
  • – distance // for TeleKill/MassKill

– [ Fun Menu ] –

  • – Enemy size
  • – player size
  • – gunfire

– [ Fun Menu ] –

  • – ESP . series
  • – Special box
  • – peripheral health
  • – ESP distance
  • – Enemy Type ESP

– [ Passives Menu ] –

  • – everything is unlocked
  • – Removed game creation timer
  • – Create unlimited game limits
  • – Testers Dashboard // Go to Settings -> Testers tab (in game)

We never knew the terrible secrets the government was hiding. Coming to the zero pattern, you run into a unique situation. Disgusting creatures from failed experiments will chase and search for you. Is there a way to get rid of their sharp claws and teeth? Find a way to survive and return to the outside world full of light. Let’s bury these tragedies once and for all.

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Horror game genre is an indispensable thought dish in life. Sample Zero is a great product made by Café Studio. They bring fear and terror to those who want to test their limits. Experience stunning 3D graphics and sharp details. Smooth action and dark and mysterious locations give your game some depth. All the sounds around you will scare you.

Download Sample Zero Mod – Escape from Scary Hospital

As the main character, you wake up in an unrecognizable place, perhaps kidnapped. Realizing it’s an abandoned hospital, you start looking for a way out. But this is no ordinary hospital like other places. In the classroom, you will find that things are always changing. They are monstrously shaped creatures that specialize in eating corpses. If you don’t have any defenses at hand, don’t go near them. Try to keep moving to avoid hitting them and look around for the exit. There are still many unresolved things that will be unraveled slowly.

live or die

We need to make the most of our senses as much as possible. There are different paths in the hospital, you can follow the signs. There are also many rooms around that contain essentials. You can walk around and collect what you need. Remember to keep an eye out for hidden corners. It’s like a game someone put up so you can watch it struggle. You can see two types of monsters while moving. The limbless variety is less dangerous but more harmful. The other can move flexibly by combining sharp claws.

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Free Zero Mods Templates

In case of force majeure, you can only fight monsters. But to do that, we need powerful enough weapons. You can find these weapons everywhere you go. From pistols, pistols, rifles to melee weapons such as knives, axes, saws… Guns have a fairly large range of damage and easily take the initiative in great scenes. Melee weapons allow for greater mobility, but are more dangerous in combat. You can use any type according to your preference. If the number of monsters is small, you can actively destroy them to avoid danger from behind.

template without mod apk

multiplayer game

Sample Zero allows you to create a team to overcome these challenges together. It is possible to generate a random room and invite people near you. The space will have up to four people working together to collaborate. You can choose different difficulty levels from Easy, Normal, Hard to Nightmare. Teamwork will forge many skills that require teamwork. Know how to improvise and support each other in many challenging and necessary situations. Increase your chances of winning than playing alone. But be very careful, because the number of enemies will be many times larger than normal. Please don’t give them a chance to massacre all party members.

model without mod android

surveillance camera inspection

Somehow, the surveillance cameras in the hospital still work. We can use it to survey the area around us. There is a camera in the corner of each hallway. Anything that passes is detected and logged to alert you. Check the camera regularly to get the best move strategy for you. Don’t be surprised by their random appearance. However, there are cases where you cannot check. So get your weapons ready and charge your lights. Be prepared for potentially dangerous situations.

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When it comes to the horror element, Specimen Zero’s mods can’t compare to the top games. However, the experience it brings will be well worth your entertainment. It’s like a person running away.

Download Zero Sample MOD APK for Android (Menu, God Mode / Unlock All)

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