Southern Charm: Austen Kroll’s Height, Age, Net Worth, Job & More

popular reality show Southern charm Explore the life of socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. Reality TV series fans watched actor Austin Kroll bid farewell to Madison Lekoy this week Southern charm Season 7 episodes, but the Bravo star is much more than a messy breakup.

The 33-year-old beauty appeared in the hit series Southern charm The fourth season, which debuted in 2014. acclaim Biography says he lived in Charlotte, South Carolina before moving to Charleston. This 6-foot-tall man attended the University of Alabama, and although he was actually born in Washington, DC, Austin is described as “”adventurer” and the travel enthusiast. When he’s not fixing Southern charm relationships and work personal life, he is currently taking his time”Immerse yourself in the local craft beer scene.

In fact, Austen Kroll has remained focused on craft beer ever since he founded his own company, Kings Calling Brewing Co. Launched in 2019, the company debuted Top Hop at the Charleston Food & Wine Festival. Craft beer is now available at bars and restaurants in South Carolina. Although Top Hop cannot be purchased online, Kings Calling Brewing Co. currently selling merchandise on their website for Austin fans and the company. The company seems to be Austin’s main source of income right now, aside from his salary Southern charm. Watch Austin and his friends from the show below:

How much are reality stars worth? madman movie Austin was filed in October. Austin comes from a wealthy family in the South, which means he probably has a large inheritance in his name. While his exact net worth is unknown, his appearance on FE’s show shows that money isn’t the blonde’s concern. Austen rose to prominence in the craft beer industry first as a Cellar Manager at Palmetto Brewing Company and then as Sales Manager at Red Hare Brewing Company. In addition to currently owning her own brewing company and starring in reality TV shows, the influencer also rounds out her paycheck with sponsorships and branding deals.

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More recently, Austin made headlines for the aforementioned incident Southern charm Breakup, happened after three years of dating. Austin’s relationship with Madison is often central to his plot on the show. Madison works as a hair stylist Southern charm Before her relationship with Austin earned her a spot in the main cast. However, the couple publicly announced their split on last Thursday’s episode, despite Madison recently saying page six She hopes that the two will remain intimate.

what’s next? Southern charm Reality star? Fans of the series will have to stay tuned to see what else the seventh season has in store for Austin Kroll.

Southern charm Airs Thursdays at 9pm ET on Bravo

Source: Bravo, The Cinemaholic, Page Six

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