South Park’s “Kill John Lennon” Meme Explained

Audio clip from South Park It recently went viral on TikTok, leaving viewers of the long-running animated sitcom looking for an explanation South Parkbelong to”kill john lennon“Memes. South Park is an influential series. Since its first seasons, South Park The show has inspired countless imitators, and the show’s obscene satire has resulted in countless lines in the widely cited series.

However, the latest TikTok trend can be in the weirdest way South Park Shaping cultural thought. In spite of South Park Although season 25 airs in 2022, it’s not a scene from the new episode of the show that went viral on TikTok in April 2022. Instead, it’s a short audio clip from “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” (Season 14, Volume 2), in which schoolwork goes awry in typical anarchic fashion.

In the plot, South Park The boys were dismayed to find Catching children in green fields Given the controversial novel’s history as an often-banned book, it was much less offensive than they expected. This causes the boys to write their own vulgar articles to compete with their competitors South Park Season 25 often attracts attention because of its terrible originality. At least, that’s what Literati thought, and the book became a hit after the boys framed Butters for the manuscript. Ironically, Butters’ malice was actually influenced by J.D. Salinger’s book, and planned to kill John Lennon before his father informed him that Lennon was long dead (sarcastic). real-life Lennon player Mark David Chapman). The Scrotie McBoogerballs Story In his sleep, Butters became a famous author in his own right – both in the original book and in his own follow-up book, peeHowever, it was Butters’ article that became the deadly inspiration for a killer planning to kill the Kardashians, bringing the murder model to life.

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Why did the clip of South Park killing John Lennon go viral

TikTok users broadcast Butters shouting “kill john lennon” with their pets to check if these animals are undercover agents who are secretly preparing to assassinate public figures. Cats, dogs and even hamsters are seen on the ground. videos always react with wide eyes in surprise, although few people can beat that dog, as they actually react by pulling a knife off the owner’s counter.Like the recent Graggle Simpsons plugged into an old TikTok trend The Simpsons The plot, the memes, are best for viewers willing to doubt and despise the video.

TikTok memes also have the side benefit of alerting viewers to one of the South ParkThe most underrated outing ever. Despite its obscene content, “The Story of Scrotie McBoogerballs” is a scathing satire on excessive intellectual criticism and media context, and one of the best uses of Butters. in section 14. Although inconsistent South Park Season 25 didn’t use the character wisely, Butters is often at his best when the character is stuck in absurd situations, and his endless kindness can’t help but drag him into situations. deeper situation, that’s why he tried to assassinate a long dead john lennon classic South Park The outing inspired the viral TikTok sound.

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