South Park: 9 Best Kyle & Cartman Episodes

Four Best Friends in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s suspenseful satirical comedy South Park Revolving around Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman sharing the closest relationship. While most of the others are close friends, Kyle and Cartman hate each other so much that people wonder why they hang out.

from start to finish South ParkParker and Stone aired on Comedy Central for over 20 years, getting plenty of humor from the dynamics of Kyle and Cartman’s arch-enemies. From their difference boy’s family about their differences Passion of ChristThese are their best teams.

Crack Baby Athletic Association (Season 15, Episode 5)

Kyle is surprised to see Cartman volunteering to the hospital to help drug-addicted children, but when he discovers the Drug Addiction Child Athletes Association, he quickly realizes it’s part of a group Another sad scam. Since Kyle is often morally opposed to Cartman, it’s interesting to see him degrade to Cartman’s level through his extremely unscrupulous get-rich-quick scheme.

The episode is essentially a satire of the NCAA’s policy in compensating student athletes, as Cartman visits the University of Colorado on the behalf of Southern planters to watch the team’s sports teams. how they get away with not paying their players.

Wonderland (Season 11, Episode 10/11/12)

South Park Kyle, Cartman and the Scientist

is supposed to be the closest thing to a second South Park In the film, the “Wonderland” trilogy begins with Cartman proving that elves are real, so Kyle loses a ridiculous, childish bet on him. The discovery of goblins plunges the boys into the collective human imagination, where every villain ever created attacks every hero ever created, and Cartman desperately wants Kyle to keep his promise.

Throughout the episode, Cartman appears to be concerned for Kyle’s safety, but only because he can’t fulfill the stake if he dies. Cartman always wanted this kind of control over Kyle (he even got a court order), so he was shocked when a crisis bigger than himself hit.

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Ginger Cow (Season 17, Episode 6)

South Park Kyle, Cartman and a Turmeric Cow

In the episode “Ginger Cows” of Season 17, Cartman responds to Kyle’s claim that there are no red cows by wearing red wigs for the cows and painting freckles on their faces. Everyone in South Park is obsessed with turmeric cows, and Kyle begs Cartman to reveal it’s all a joke.

However, when a ginger cow becomes a prophetic image that unites all religions and brings world peace, Kyle changes his mind and wants Cartman to maintain his lie. To annoy Kyle, Cartman threatens to tell the truth – supposedly with good intentions – so Kyle will do what he says. Any storyline that satisfies Cartman’s every whim is a comedic pleasure, but in this episode, being forced to indulge his character is his arch-nemesis.

Casa Bonita (Season 7, Episode 11)

Kyle and Cartman outside Casa Bonita in South Park

Kyle plans to have a birthday party at Cartman’s favorite restaurant, then declines his invitation in episode 7 “Home Sweet Home”. Instead, he invites Butters, so Cartman does whatever it takes to stop Butters from joining the party and let him take his place.

At first, Cartman locked Butters in Uncle Stan’s bomb shelter. However, when the police search extends to a bomb shelter, he locks him in an abandoned refrigerator at an abandoned gas station and breaks the handle. This episode explores Cartman’s willingness to go to great lengths to get what he wants. For Kyle and Cartman fans, this is a great motivator as it begs the question: are they really friends?

Cartmanland (Season 5, Episode 6)

South Cartmanland Park

When Cartman inherited $1 million from his grandmother and used that money to buy his own amusement park, Kyle questioned his belief in “Cartmanland” Season 5, and Kyle himself severe hemorrhoids. Cartman refuses to let anyone into his amusement park so he never has to wait in line, and his hemorrhoids explode when Kyle and Stan try to sneak in.

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Ultimately, Kyle’s faith was restored when Cartman received his help. Kyle’s intoxication with Cartman becomes even more tragic as he experiences joy and loses it. The episode acts like an allegory, reassuring viewers that although the world may seem unfair at times, karma will eventually hit.

Margaritaville (Season 13, Episode 3)

male park male in recession

Parker and Stone satirized the Great Depression in the classic 13 episode “Margaritaville”. The episode argues that the economy is like a religion, it only exists if people believe in it. Randy is the episode’s religious satirical prophet, but Kyle and Cartman’s love-hate relationship is brilliantly used in a biblical allegory.

Kyle became the image of Jesus, who sacrificed himself to save the town from a financial crisis with a mountain of credit card debt, while Cartman became Judas, who betrayed him. The key point here is that while Jesus did not suspect Judas of betrayal, Kyle immediately knew that if there was one traitor among his disciples, it had to be Cartman.

Jewish Passion (Season 8, Episode 3)

Kyle watching The Passion of the Christ in South Park

Cartman encourages Kyle to watch Mel Gibson’s movies Passion of Christ, his new favorite series, appeared in episode 8 “Jewish Passion”. The episode satirizes Gibson’s anti-Semitic message and focuses on the pain and suffering of Jesus.

when the trolley starts Passion of Christ The fan club becomes a white supremacist movement, and Kyle is brainwashed by the film’s crucifixion and briefly agrees to Cartman’s bigotry. passion Giving Parker and Stone the perfect opportunity to dig deeper into Kyle’s relationship with his most obscure friend.

Tonsillitis (Part 12, Volume 1)

Kyle and Cartman from South Park

When Kyle laughed uncontrollably after hearing that Cartman accidentally contracted HIV in the season 12 premiere episode “The Tonsil Problem”, Cartman retaliated by injecting Kyle’s blood while he was sleeping, thereby contracting the virus. for him. It is understandable that Kyle is angry at Cartman, but reluctantly teamed up with him to track down Magic Johnson in hopes of finding a cure, and in this episode (really South Park style), without leaving any themes.

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It’s fun to see Kyle and Cartman hate each other as usual, but their biggest adventure is teamwork. In “The Tonsils Problem,” they team up to pursue a common goal – but only because Cartman infects Kyle with one of the world’s deadliest diseases just to get back at him. The show is full of humor from kids acting like adults, but it’s also funny how they act like teenage fourth graders who don’t think through the consequences of their horrible actions.

Toon Wars (Season 10, Episode 3/4)

Cartman and Kyle on their big wheels in South Park

Parker and Stone aimed boy’s family In season 10, two parts “Animated Wars”. As the animated series crossed the line, Seth MacFarlane announced that the next episode would feature the Prophet Muhammad, Kyle, and Cartman coming to Hollywood.

Kyle wanted to protect the show’s freedom of speech – aggregated commentary on Parker and Stone’s own work on the show – while Cartman just wanted to have boy’s family It didn’t air because he wasn’t a fan. Kyle and Cartman usually just insult each other, but in “Cartoon Wars” they had a real discussion of ideology.

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