Sophia Hardison- All About The Daughter Of Chante Moore

Chanta Moore’s daughter Sophia Hardison was born in 1996 to her ex-husband Kadeem. Let’s learn more about her children. Chanté Torrane Moore is an American singer, actress and television personality who rose to fame in the 1990s. Her first solo album, Precious, was released in 1992 and certified gold by the RIAA in November of that year. 1994.

In addition to her music career, she also rose to fame as a television personality after appearing on R&B Divas: Los Angeles in 2013. Moore has always enjoyed singing and performing every Sunday in London. her hometown church. Although people are familiar with her life, many still want to learn more about the lives of her children; Read on to know more about your children.

Sophia Hardison, daughter of Chanta Moore

Sophia Hardison, the daughter of famous singer Chata Moore, was born on September 27, 1996. Moore had her first child with her first husband, actor Kadeem Hardison, when the couple was still in love. They started dating in 1996, dated for a while, and after Sophia was born, the couple secretly married in 1997. However, Sophia’s parents, Chante and Kadeem, divorced in 2000. Sophia was raised together by her father and mother after her parents became pregnant. divorce. As a result, she has a great relationship with both of them.

Sophia often posts pictures of herself with her father on Instagram; She seems to be more active on Instagram than any other social media platform. Moore and Hardison have kept the child’s existence a secret until now, so little is known about Sophia Hardison. You can also contact her via her Instagram account, where she is called sopha.doll and has over 7,000 followers.

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Meet singer Chanta Moore’s son, Kenny Lattimore Jr.

Moore married singer Kenny Lattimore after divorcing actor Kadeem. Kenny Lattimore Jr. was born for this couple. Kenny was born on April 10, 2003 in San Francisco, California, United States. The couple tries to keep details about their son private. Moore revealed the news of Kenny Lattimore’s birth in an Instagram post.

On the other hand, Morre divorced her second husband Kenny Lattimore. She announced this news on July 27, 2011 on her Facebook page. After the separation, Kenny married with his parents. Kenny has a great relationship with his father and mother. Kenny has always been kept a secret, although Moore often shares photos with him. And it seems that he is often present with his parents on all the shows.

Sophia Hardison

Chanta Moore’s current relationship information

Chante Moore is married for the third time to former BET executive Stephen G. Hill. Moore’s Facebook account confirmed the couple’s engagement on October 26, 2021. On October 22, 2022, they married in Los Cabos, Mexico, surrounded by their loved ones. The couple had a long relationship before getting married and seems to be a happy marriage. Moore often posts photos of themselves on social media; they live happily together.

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