Sons of the Forest: How To Get a Shovel

The shovel lies deep in a cave full of enemies in Children of the Jungle. A ventilator, rope gun, and medicine are required to get this tool.

take the shovel children of the forest Not exactly a pleasant experience, just a necessary one. Players need to fight or run through a deep hole full of enemies to find the shovel. However, both a ventilator and a string gun are required before the player can start finding the shovel.

Possessing a shovel is an integral part of defeating children of the forest Because some important items needed to continue the story were buried. The process stops until the shovel is found, but the player needs to be well prepared for the different challenges the cave presents. In addition to ventilators and shotguns, flashlights and a variety of medications are also recommended.

where to find a shovel in children of the forest

Shovel Cave location Sons of the jungle game marker gps

The cave contained shovels containing three bodies in the water at the mouth of the cave, with the items scattered on the rocks around the mouth of the cave. Once inside, break the wooden fence and continue through the cave for a short distance until you find a zipline on the left side of the tunnel in the cave. Using the Rope Gun will allow the player to traverse the stalagmites below and onto flat ground. Go back to the left, equip your ventilator, get into the water and swim down to the cleft below the rock to land again.

There will be some enemies in the cave, but the player can run through them, so there is no need to fight. Pass them and slide down a long tunnel, a small ray of sunshine signaling the player to move in that direction.

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Players will find a number of items, including some children of the forest The necessary things, and the path continued deeper into the cave. The next big cave has lots of loot and lots of enemies. Even sprinting can take damage.

YouTuber Kibbles Gaming recommends running to the back of the room and into the pool to eliminate chasing enemies while giving them time to equip time bombs. The shovel is in the cave the player has gone through before and glows.

Kibbles Gaming recommends throwing timed bombs into illuminated areas to kill enemies while walking around the room and hopefully not getting killed before the bomb explodes. Back in the illuminated area, the shovel lay near the corpse.

Once a shovel is found, a white shovel outline will appear on the ground where the item is buried, prompting the player to dig there. A white marker also appears on the GPS map. However, random mining can sometimes yield a variety of items. Defeat the enemy children of the forest While trying to find shovels requires more time and preparation than running through them, players have the option to decide if they’re ready to fight.

Source: YouTube | Cobblestone game

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