Sonoya Mizuno Parents: Hajime And Charlotte Mizuno

Sonoya Mizuno is one of the stars the house of the dragon. Their nationality has intrigued their fans and they want to know more about them. This article is about his parents.

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Who are the parents of House of the Dragon actress Sonoya Mizuno?

Actress Sonoya Mizuno was born to parents Hajime Mizuno and Charlotte Mizuno. Her first post features a dated photo of her parents in the past; complementing them with the short title “handsome parents”.

Sonoya was born on July 1, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. “I was the only mixed-race girl in my elementary school class, and I remember being called names like ‘Chinese Takeaway’ and ‘Chocolate Cake,’ plus my classmates imitating me with Japanese language and gestures,” said. we are resonant.

She is a Japanese-born British actress, model, and ballet dancer who has appeared in films. Ex Machina, Destruction, and Developers Directed by Alex Garland. From an early age, her parents encouraged her to enroll in ballet classes. She later graduated from the Royal Ballet School, but after being spotted by a modeling agency, she decided to pursue modeling.

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Sonoya starred in the Netflix miniseries Maniac and has supporting roles in movies. La La Land, Maniac, The Domesticks, High Strung, Beauty and the Beast, and Crazy Rich Asians. She grew up in Somerset, England, UK.

in the house of the dragon, Sonoya plays the role of Mysaria. She is a slave from Essos who became a prostitute in Westeros. She has a special romantic relationship with Daemon, enough for him to take her with him when she flees King’s Landing at the end of the first episode.

Continuing to model, Sonoya has posed for several high-end fashion brands over the years, including Chanel, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Louis Vuitton. Additionally, she appeared in various music videos.

Meet Sonoya Mizuno’s father, Hajime Mizuno

Sonoya Mizuno’s father’s name is Hajime Mizuno. He is on Instagram (@mizunoisno1) and Facebook.

  • Is Hajime Mizuno still alive?

Yes, Hajime Mizuno is still alive.

  • Hajime Mizuno Ethnicity

Hajime Mizuno is of Japanese and East Asian descent.

  • Hajime Mizuno’s place of residence

According to Facebook, Hajime Mizuno came from Kyoto, Japan. He currently lives in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan.

Meet Sonoya Mizuno’s mother, Charlotte Mizuno

Sonoya Mizuno’s mother is Charlotte Mizuno.

  • Is Charlotte Mizuno still alive?

No, Charlotte Mizuno died before 2014. She remembered her mother on her Facebook. On Mother’s Day 2014, she wrote: “Mother’s Day… I try to live up to my image every day. You taught me everything. I miss you, mom.”

Later in December, he wrote, “Saya, Jinya, Miya, Sonoya, and Tomoya, yes today is the day mom joined the stars and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to win her back. I wish more than ever that she was here to meet her first grandchild, darling Amaya, and there will be many more meaningful moments that we all wish she could be here.”

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She added: “But today I am forever grateful for the brothers and sisters he gave me. Without you; my companions, my soul mates, my best friends and my pillars of strength, love and support, I don’t know what I would do. It was also her birthday, so today we celebrate it. Everything she was and everything she gave us. Thanks Mom.”

  • What was Charlotte Mizuno’s ethnicity?

Charlotte Mizuno is half British and half Argentine.

  • Where was Charlotte Mizuno living at the time of her death?

Charlotte Mizuno was likely living in Somerset, UK at the time of her death.

  • How long were Sonoya Mizuno’s parents married?

Sonoya Mizuno, Hajime and Charlotte’s parents reportedly separated when they were 2 years old. After her parents divorced, she moved to Somerset, England, with her mother and her siblings.

  • How many children did Sonoya Mizuno’s parents have?

Sonoya Mizuno’s parents had a total of six children.

One is Sonoya and the other children are Saya, Jinya, Mariya, Miya and Tomoya.

Miya Mizuno is a photographer and you can find her portfolio here. She also posts her work on (@miya_mizuno_stills). You can find Miya on Instagram (@hellomissmizuno), but the account is private.

Mariya Mizuno is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Jinya, Sonoy’s brother, is an actor and singer-songwriter who is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He is also interested in photography. Jinya attended Chelsea College of Art & Design, graduating in 2006.

Another brother, Tomoya currently lives in London, UK. He has a SoundCloud where he uploads his music as a DJ. In his biography it says that he is a DJ & Chef.

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