Sonic the Hedgehog Sets Mecha Knuckles Up As Its Next Major Villain

Warning: Sonic the Hedgehog: Scrapnik Island Content Reveal #4End of One Sonic Hedgehog The miniseries hinted that Mecha Knuckles could return as the main villain if IDW Publishing decides to revisit Scrapnik Island at some point in the future.

The fourth and final problem desert island It ends with Mecha Knuckles and Sonic’s evil show seemingly covered up. However, unlike its mechanical counterpart to the green hedgehog, the transformed-looking robotic furry beast doesn’t celebrate with miniseries heroes. Instead, one can see him sulking and even plotting in a dark hallway. He wasn’t even there when Sonic and Tails left the island Sonic the Hedgehog: Waste Island #4 Created by writer Daniel Barnes, artist Jack Lawrence, colorist Nathalie Fourdraine and writer Shawn Lee.

Mecha Knuckles removed for overprotection

Like his mechanical hedgehog sidekick, Mecha Knuckles’ program wasn’t all-encompassing at first. Eggman originally designed Badnik to protect Angel Island’s Master Emerald. Mecha Knuckles’ obsession is then turned into his overprotection of another item on Scrapnik Island. This leads to Mecha Knuckles attacking Sonic when he lands on the island in the second issue of the miniseries. After Mecha Sonic brutally eliminated him, Mecha Knuckles won’t appear again until his evil show is finally undone in the final installment – or so it is believed.

The only hope readers have for Mecha Knuckles in good shape in future stories is that he can sulk at the end of the episode because he’s just as lonely as his living partner. True Knuckles only left Angel Island when his homeland was threatened and it would be beneficial to venture outside. Knuckles are usually active alone when gliding around, returning to the island as soon as the threat is removed. After all, when Sonic and Tails first landed on Scrapnik Island, Mecha Knuckles initially watched from the shadows and only appeared when they activated his overprotective instincts.

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Mecha Knuckles and Mecha Sonic need to fight again

Mecha Sonic and Mecha Sonics fight in Scrapnik Island 2

Of course, Mecha Knuckles and other Scrapnik Island characters will only return if IDW gives the green light for another similar project. However, the creators of the miniseries seem optimistic about the prospect of this happening. The final issue ends with a note arguing that this may not be the last time readers will see these characters again. desert island 2.0, or Mecha Knuckles will return to her old show and run wild, or there will be new threats that Sonic and Tails will have to deal with. That’s because the chance of a Mecha Sonic recurrence is very small. After all, the whole desert island The miniseries focuses on the redemption of Mecha Sonic. Additionally, after the mechanical hedgehog expresses a desire to leave the island and plant the flowers it finds and preserves on real land, the emotional roller coaster the reader experiences as the mechanical Sonic betraying his reformed Badniks will be very difficult to defeat. Most especially, readers will surely enjoy witnessing another clash between Mecha Knuckles and Mecha Sonic, one of the fiercest battles ever. Sonic Hedgehog Fans have been seeing it for a while.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Waste Island #4 Available from IDW Publishing.

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