Sneaky Dog: Can you find the dog hidden in this cat photo in 13 seconds

Get ready to test your vision with this stunning optical illusion.

Optical illusions have become a way to cool down during a busy day and get your brain engaged in something other than everyday activities.

Many puzzles about optical illusions are spreading on the Internet and people are trying their best to solve them.

Today, this is the same puzzle that leaves everyone scratching their heads to find the right answer.

In this exciting challenge, your task is to find the smart dog hiding discreetly among the cats.

This optical illusion is designed to test your observational skills, and with just 13 seconds on the watch, the pressure builds up.

When you start looking at the photo, you’ll notice that a background full of cats plays an important role in hiding the dog perfectly.

At first glance, it seems that there are only cats in the picture. But if you look closely, you will see that the dog is hidden in the whole scene.

Ready to dive into this photo and challenge your brain to tell the difference between a dog and a cat in 13 seconds?

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Source: Pinterest

How is the search for the dog going?

Are you making progress or are you just trying to stay focused?

Come on, the main key to finding objects/animals hidden in optical illusions is to give them full attention.

So turn off all your distractions and refocus.

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Did the dog see it?

If your answer is “No”, here are some tips:

Try to look for the absence of beards. Dogs don’t usually have big whiskers like cats

Hurry up! 13 seconds will end soon!

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, time is up!

How near you to find out where the dog has been hiding?

Did you manage to find it? If yes, congratulations, you’re making good progress and if you haven’t found a dog yet, it’s okay to get this.

Start the puzzle again and try again.

If you can’t find it again, here is a solution for you

Find the hidden dog – solution

The dog is hiding in the middle left corner.


Source: Pinterest

See, isn’t this optical illusion awesome? Keep trying these puzzles and you will surely solve the next one easily.

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