Snapchat Friend Solar Systems: What Do The Planet Friendmojis Mean?

One of the many cool features of Snapchat+ is the Friends Solar System, which categorizes Snapchat friends based on how often they interact on the platform. At the end of June 2022, Snap launched a subscription service called Snapchat+ “Exclusive, tested and pre-release features” for subscribers. Some notable new features include changing app icons, seeing who’s reviewed stories, and adding friends as “best friend.’

Snapchat+ Friend Solar System shows “best friend‘ or ‘Friend‘ badge surrounded by gold on friendship profiles of other users. The badges playfully represent who users interact with the most on the platform. ‘best friend‘ indicates that the two users are one of eight best friends on Snapchat, while ‘Friend‘ The badge implies that they are one of the other’s eight best friends, but the other is not their friend.

Friend Solar System is a cool feature of Snapchat+

Tapping on the badge shows Snapchat+ subscribers how close their friendship with their Best Friend is. To make things interesting, friendship is represented by the planets and their distances from the sun. The way it works is when the user clicks the “best friend‘ badge, telling them which planet they’re on in their best friend’s solar system.

As can be seen from the official Friendmoji guide, if Best Friend is the sun and the user is the earth, that means they are each other’s third best friends on the platform. If a user is someone’s best friend on the platform, they will be represented by a hot Mercury friend emoji. Likewise, if they are the user’s second best friend, they will be represented by Venus. If the user is someone’s eighth best friend, they will be furthest from the sun and represented by icy Neptune. Between them, there are symbols representing all the other planets in the solar system, including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

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Naturally, since the feature rolled out to Snapchat+ users, other app users have wondered if they can use the feature as well. Snap is known to eventually bring some premium Snapchat features to its entire user base after an exclusive trial period. It recently did this with My AI, which was initially only available to Snapchat+ users before rolling out to everyone in April 2023. Unfortunately, Friend Solar System does not receive such treatment and membership status. members are currently only accessible through paid Snapchat+. Overall, the Friend Solar System is an exciting new feature and more recommended for premium users to sign up for Snapchat+.

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