Smart Umbrella Academy Theory Reveals The Briefcases Use Five’s Power

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One theory is that Five’s powers were used to power the committee’s briefcase, explaining other mysteries about Five and the group.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 had a big reveal about Number Five (Aidan Gallagher)’s connection to the Council, paving the way for theories about how the group’s briefcase actually works. Umbrella Academy Since season 1, the Hargreaves family has been through a series of problems, each caused by the end of the world, and as they try to prevent the apocalypse, they learn more about themselves, their past, and their father. Their enemies are Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Feore), and their enemies, including the Commission.

Because the Apocalypse and their troubled past weren’t enough, the first two seasons Umbrella Academy Witness the team of champions (though mostly Five) deal with the Council and its agents, who hunted him down after Five’s retreat and eventually returned to the timeline his time. The Council is an organization that oversees and manages the space-time continuum, and as such, it ensures that every event goes as planned. Umbrella Academy Season 3 has revealed that a version of Number Five from the alternate timeline is the actual founder of the Commission, which would also explain how the briefcase they use actually works.

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Umbrella Academy Theory: Council uses the power of five to travel

The second season of Umbrella Academy

Committee officers can travel through time and space thanks to special briefcases that act as miniature time-traveling machines. A theory posted on reddit It shows that Number Five not only creates committees, but uses his powers to create briefcases so his employees can get their jobs done more easily. The theory’s authors explain that when the committee’s briefcase is activated, it emits blue energy, similar to what happened when the Number Five jumped, and in the committee’s video on the inverse Grandpa, when the time machine is activated, it emits a shape, color, and energy like Number Five when he jumps with his powers.

Council engineers may have found a way to take some of Five’s powers and put them in a briefcase, but that could also have debilitating consequences for Five. The latter is in critical condition when young Five finds his old self, possibly the result of him being drained of his powers to create more briefcases. The theory could also explain why Number Five and Lila (Ritu Arya) were able to generate the exact energy needed to power the briefcase when it was shut down, since that was its original source.

How does the power of the year work in The Umbrella Academy?

Umbrella Academy season 3 season 5 and Lila using her powers

Each member of the Umbrella Academy possesses unique powers, some stronger and more useful than others, and the quartet holds the key to saving themselves and the world. Five has the ability to manipulate time and space, meaning he can travel through time and space, which is very useful when working for his father, but also gets him into a lot of trouble, such as when he defied Reginald’s warning, Jumped too far into the future and set foot in a post-apocalyptic world. In addition to his ability to teleport both short and long distances, he can also travel back in time (although this is an ability he has taken decades to understand and master), and in Umbrella Academy In Season 2, he was able to go back a few minutes.

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Whenever Five jumps from place to place, he opens a portal that sometimes emits blue and white energy, depending on the energy he uses. Five directs a lot of energy to different points Umbrella Academysuch as when he goes back to his timeline, when he brings his brothers in the apocalypse season 1, and in the aforementioned scene with Lila, this energy manifests in the form of light bright green. Representative images of these five forces Umbrella Academy is the biggest detail to support the Council’s briefcase theory using his powers, meaning the series hints at a major turning point for the Council founder since season 1.

What this theory means for The Umbrella Academy Season 4

5 from The Umbrella Academy

The version where the number of years as the founder of the committee is one of many twists and turns Umbrella Academy Season 3, but unfortunately, it was skipped for the rest of the season. Umbrella Academy Returning to the final season, it had a lot to unpack and unravel, including the rest of the committee’s history, as well as how and why the Old Five founded the organization. Now, suppose the committee exists in the current timeline again Umbrella Academyand with Five gaining access to one of the briefcases, he can regain his powers and help resolve the mayhem Reginald caused at the end of season 3, thereby helping his siblings also regain their strength.

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