Slider Scouts MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.7

When we find something, it has to be as convincing as Slider Scouts. You will create conditions for yourself that are good enough to create an incredible journey. Find valuables from challenging puzzles in ancient ruins. Intelligence and high speed will take you through them. Be smart and careful and don’t fall into the trap. Act wisely and remove everything that stands in your way. Go for more amazing achievements that you haven’t had yet. Make big changes with the unchanging history of the world.

There are many types of puzzles and it is difficult for players to choose the puzzle they want. You can try Slider Scouts, as it has a pretty weird rule. Not so popular and old game like other products. Discover exciting mobile systems. Play to failure; Every calculation can lead you to success – beautiful overview map with many colors and high quality quests. Let you play forever with this simple and classic game. We will go from ordinary people to expert puzzle solvers.

Download Slider Scouts mod – explore dangerous places

You have become the commander of a promising scout camp. We need to build our strength even stronger to meet the demand. Upgrade your base into a place that thrives on adventure. You will have to solve the game’s challenging puzzles on your own. Allow your members to walk independently horizontally or vertically. Find your way to the desired item without hitting the surrounding traps. At the same time must also eliminate those standing on the field. The bravery of the scouts will excavate the ancient ruins. If you fail, you can start over.

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Quests and Rewards

You will have to send your scouts to explore the great monument. They will bring back valuable rewards and resources to the camp. The things you need to do will include both main quests and side quests to add. After completing a series of jobs, you can get hidden rewards. Precious coins for scaling models. The reward levels are varied and based on the difficulty of the task. The more you play, the faster you will progress. Slider Scouts wants to honor the players who do the most challenging and determined work.

Slider Scouts mod for free

Comfortable decoration

Your camp can be decorated in any style you want. The decorations in the store are ready for you to buy. For high rarity items, they can also be displayed by date. Giant statues can be placed in place. Make a nice table for the members to sit at. Buy new flags and badges to celebrate your camp. The renovation budget should be used wisely. If you waste too much, you won’t be able to grow fast. Make your base the most decisive place.

Scout Mod . Slider

collect members

We must do everything we can to find new spies to increase publicity. The Scouts will assemble from the main challenges of the chapter. You can also earn more members by going to the store and choosing. Each member brings us new advantages. They can go on adventures and come back with lots of gifts. Proper investment will bring you a bountiful harvest. The Slider Scouts mod always leads players to more advanced conquests.

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Download Slider Scouts MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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