Sister Wives: What Does Kody & Robyn Brown’s Nanny Do For The Family

sister-inlaw Season 16 reveals many rifts in the Brown family, including Cody and Robin Brown’s hiring of nannies. It’s easy to question what a domestic worker really does for a fourth wife who doesn’t have a job. It’s a bit odd that Kody hires a maid, and it’s unclear exactly what the babysitter’s duties are.

When a global pandemic hits, Cody cuts off contact with his family from the world. Wives are encouraged to isolate themselves and not communicate with their children. Robyn decided to follow her husband’s rules that allowed her to spend a full two years with Kody. Kody’s three other wives, Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown, who are divorced from him, are not satisfied with the strict rules. They were often punished for disobeying their patriarch. Because of Robyn’s ability to follow the rules without question, she was eventually rewarded with a domestic helper to raise the children.

Only Robin’s sister-in-law was invited to babysit

Stage sister-inlaw In season 16, Kristen, Merry and Janelle learn that Robin has a secret nanny at her house while the others are shunned for not self-isolating. Several factors may have contributed to hiring a nanny, including the fact that Robin is often considered Cody’s favorite wife. This can happen The new maid is not here to help take care of the baby but to accept Cody’s flirtation. Robyn’s oldest child, Dayton, is 22 years old and very able to help. Worse still, the other three wives never had a nanny.

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Sister-in-law’s babysitter Robin is her sister-in-law’s stepdaughter

Robyn’s mysterious nanny ends up being Mindy Jessop, who is actually her step-niece. Mindy also comes from a diverse family. Sadly, no one really saw what the nanny did. One would think that Mindy helps keep the house tidy (and keeps Robyn on board), but a job description isn’t quite considered a job title. Even Kody’s son, Paedon Brown, joked on TikTok that he was wearing a suspicious t-shirt that read: “What. Do. Nanny. Do what?” More recently, in April 2022, Paedon shed more light on the situation.

In an Instagram Live, Paedon talked about sister-inlaw Interesting plot, answering questions and giving his insights. One particularly interesting detail was revealed when Paedon commented that he thought the nanny was fired by Kody after his divorce from Christine. While it’s not a complete confirmation, as Paedon admits he’s unsure, it does offer a possible solution to the much-discussed nanny situation. If Kody fires the nanny, based on Robyn’s history with the nanny, it’s conceivable that another nanny will be hired at some point.

Whether Robyn and Kody’s nanny is an undercover agent is still an open question, but sister-inlaw Fans reacted strongly to the hire. This move is hypocritical and insulting to Cody’s other wives. Neither Kody nor Robyn have explained why they need more help, and one can only assume they are looking to disguise Mindy, who may just want to be with her family. Hopefully one day this issue will be resolved.

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