Sims 4 Next Expansion Pack Leak Teases More Activities For Teens

The latest Sims 4 Expansion Pack appears to have leaked, revealing an upcoming DLC all about high school. Although players have consistently seen DLC releases and reveals for The Sims 4 over the past year, a full Expansion Pack for the game has not been seen since last July with the release of Cottage Living. Many players prefer the larger Expansion Packs over other DLC, particularly those that add gameplay for younger Sims.

The Sims 4 has 4 different sizes of DLC offered for purchase, beginning with the largest, Expansion Packs, and then gradually descending in content amount with Game Packs, Stuff Packs, and Kits. Currently, in The Sims 4, gameplay for teen Sims is fairly limited. While they do have certain special moodlets and interactions like mood swings and receiving character values through parenting in The Sims 4, they are essentially treated as adults. Although teens will bring home school projects and homework they’ll need to work on each day, high school itself is never seen in-game – teens simply disappear in the morning when it’s time to go to school and rematerialize in the afternoon.

Sims 4 news site SimsCommunity has reported a leak of the latest Sims 4 Expansion Pack title, which is called “High School.” The leak stems from a series of posts by pettylilbettty on Twitter. The user reveals that in a Sims 4-centric Facebook group, a player posted a survey they had received from EA asking which Expansion Packs they had played, and one stood out from the rest. Alongside the list of released Expansion Packs, the option at the very top read “High School,” which isn’t an existing DLC.

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Funnily enough, this is the second Sims 4 leak to occur in the past 7 days, with an image of the latest Werewolves Game Pack cover coming out earlier this week. However, while the previous leak had been strongly hinted at by the Sims team, this one is a bit harder to believe. No mention whatsoever of a new Expansion Pack has come from the game’s development team, however with only one month until the one-year mark between Expansion Packs, it stands to reason that one is bound to be announced soon. This new leak also comes from a less reliable source – although it is from a group dedicated to Sims news, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to fake images.

While the veracity of this leak remains to be seen, it’s a reminder to Sims 4 fans that they should be able to expect a new Expansion Pack announcement sometime soon. The most recent Sims 4 roadmap only covered May and June 2022, and it’s highly unlikely that developers would allow the entire month of July to pass without a new Expansion Pack release – or at the very least, an announcement of one. It’s sure to please many Sims 4 fans if the leak is true, as more gameplay for younger life stages has been a widely requested addition to the game.

Source: pettylilbettty/Twitter, SimsCommunity

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