Simpsons, Family Guy, & Bob’s Burgers All Crossover In New Episode Clip

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The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers all converge on a new segment in which Peter Griffin visits the Belcher family’s burger joint.

boy’s familyPeter Griffin Visits Bob Belcher’s Family Burgers to Eat with Homer Simpson boy’s family, The SimpsonsAnd Bob’s Burgers Cut a short scene. Seth McFarlane’s adult animated sitcom is currently in its 21st season. Also, Bob’s Burgers And The Simpsons Seasons 13 and 34 of each show are currently airing.

In a new clip from boy’s family Season 21, Episode 12 “Adoption” by anidom In the YouTube channel, Peter (McFarlane) slowly walks out of Lois (Alex Bolstein) while describing a dream.

As Lois continues to unfold his dreams, Peter has gotten so far away from Griffin’s home that he has passed his scheduled TV time and entered Bob Belcher’s (H. Jon Benjamin) restaurant with a worthy customer. Another surprise is Homer Simpson (Dan Castelanetta) having dinner together. fastfood. When all three dads from the animated sitcom shared the screen, Peter glanced at Bob’s menu prices and quickly realized how different he was from other cartoon dads.

Biggest crossover before Family Guy, The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers

The Simpsons

And boy’s family, The SimpsonsAnd Bob’s Burgers As 3 of FOX’s most successful animated sitcoms, each has trumped the upcoming series in different ways. boy’s family And The Simpsons In episode 14 before “The Simpsons”, the Griffin family finds themselves living with the Simpsons after their car breaks down. While things are starting to look promising between each member of the family, the violent reprisals, patent infringement lawsuits, and the bizarre, protracted struggle between Peter and Homer is too much. for their budding relationship and each family agreed to part ways.

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The Simpsons unexpected detour Bob’s Burgers As part of Season 34 “Horror Treehouse XXXIII”.exist The Simpsons And Bob’s Burgers In a crossover scene, Springfield’s most famous family learns that they come from western worldGet inspired by an amusement park and take part in a violent escape.after the escape The Simpsons– An amusement park where Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie stop at another amusement park Bob’s BurgersLinda Belcher (John Roberts) serves up a family menu at the end of the Halloween special.

Each show has been a mainstay of FOX’s animation lineup over the years, boy’s familyHow surprising The Simpsons And Bob’s Burgers The crossover is sure to bring smiles to longtime cartoon viewers. While gags are thrown at each show’s reception, each episode has a strong, loyal fanbase who grow in love with its popular cast. While part of a short joke, the scene offers viewers a rare opportunity to see the three most recognizable fathers of the screen-sharing cartoon.

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