SimpliSafe battery life and replacement tips

SimpliSafe is an impressive do-it-yourself home security system that has an ecosystem to manage all your equipment yourself, without the need for professionals. One of the main maintenance requirements that you will need to perform is changing the batteries in your various accessories.

Let’s take a look at the main accessories that come with SimpliSafe safety packs and what you need to know about the corresponding batteries. With the exception of the base station and pendant, all battery replacements are done by the user. Those two accessories require you to contact support to change their wattage. Finally, the SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera can only be powered directly, so you don’t have to worry about batteries with this device.

What kind of batteries does SimpliSafe use?

The entire SimpliSafe accessory pack uses CR (watch batteries) or AA batteries. You will need to see which version of each device your particular device requires. For example, the keypad, siren, door lock, and CO detector use AA batteries. Other sensors require a CR battery.

How often should you replace SimpliSafe batteries?

Each SimpliSafe product has its own expected battery life. With the exception of intrusion sensors, all intrusion sensors will last between three and five years. The entrance sensor will last up to 10 years. The hazard sensors will also last the same useful life of three to five years. The siren, keypad and door lock have the shortest service life, only up to 12 months.

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The battery life of each accessory really depends on its use. However, knowing that there is a two-year difference in shelf life should not deter you from using either sensor.

Table of battery type and expected life for different SimpliSafe devices.

What happens when SimpliSafe’s battery runs out?

When the batteries in any of your SimpliSafe accessories die, all you have to do is replace them. An exception is found only in the base station that uses rechargeable AA batteries; You can charge the batteries and put them back. SimpliSafe makes no representations about the use of rechargeable batteries in any other accessory.

SimpliSafe also allows you to buy batteries from them. Of course, you can also buy them from a third party.

How to change the battery in SimpliSafe products

Most of the sensors available in SimpliSafe have easy-to-remove backs, making it easy to disconnect from the battery. You can also remove the main unit; no need to remove it from the wall brackets. Also, the smoke detector has a circular base that you can twist to replace the battery. The siren and the water sensor stand out here. Unfortunately, you have to remove the screws to separate it from the base to change the battery.

SimpliSafe’s main objective is to protect its customers by leaving the autonomy of its products in the hands of its owners. So, to stay safe with your home security accessories, monitor battery life, either with a calendar, on-device LEDs, or through an app.

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