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Shin Dong-woo is proud of his body. He believes in outer beauty and was convinced that her looks and charm would get him the girl he deserves in Single’s Inferno season 2.

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Shin Dong-woo in the single Inferno

Netflix’s single Inferno returns with its second installment on December 13, 2022, with only the first round featuring various influential stars looking for love. Among them, Shin Dong-woo quickly caught the attention of fans with his nice body and admirable facial structure of his.

According to Dong-woo, he was on the show to find someone very energetic because he has a calm personality. Furthermore, he claimed that he was curious to see how much he could attract people.

For anyone catching up, the series is similar to Too Hot to Handle and Love Island, but with a slower pace and fewer secret relationships. On the bright side, though, the dramas that unfold between the charming cast are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Also, there is an element of mystery to this series. The contestants are prohibited from revealing their careers or ages until they arrive at Paradise (a luxury hotel where the couple is sent to explore their relationship). As for the rest of the time, they should explore a possible romance at Inferno, a place where they cook all their meals and also bring their own water.

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Joining Dong-woo in the second part of Single’s Inferno are his co-stars: Shin Seul Ki, Park Se-jeong, Choi Jong-woo, Lee So-e, Lee Nadine, Kim Han-bin, Jo Yoong-jae, and Choi. Seo-eun.

Did you know: Fans criticized Single’s Inferno season 2 for its “boring” start and lack of energy from episode 1. But that may be because the first season set expectations too high. With that being said though, few were impressed with the drama due to its steepness. They even labeled the endings quite “wild”.

Is Shin Dong-woo dating someone?

Shin Dong-woo has not revealed his relationship status since 2022.

Even on the show, the charmer was hard to read, leaving fans confused as to who or what he was looking for. In fact, many even criticized Dong-woo for surprising Nadine.

“Fuck you, he dirty my girlfriend Nadine.” wrote a fan. While another said, “Don’t worry Nadine, Dong Woo wasn’t for you. A man who wants that will take the time to get to know you, introvert and all. Here is the hope of Hanbin or the new guy!

If you missed the drama between Dong-woo and Nadine, to make a long story short, Dong-woo was leading the poor girl. Even before making his decision, while Nadine was expressing her discomfort and taking a cold attitude towards Dong Woo, he said, “I felt that I wanted to take care of you because I saw that you felt unknown and a bit uncomfortable.” They then shared how they did on the show and how eager they are to go to heaven.

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In the end, Dong-woo didn’t choose her!

Naturally heartbroken, Nadine said: “It was the first time in my life that I had done something like that, I asked a guy to speak. Yes, he was upset.

But in Dong-woo’s defense, Nadine said that she loves hell and isn’t interested in going to heaven. So, could she have been cheating on Dong-woo?

At the time, Nadine Lee was an undergraduate freshman at Harvard majoring in Neuroscience (Mind, Body, Behavior Honors Track) with a minor in Computer Science (Data Science). At that time, she was also working as a RA / Project Manager at her university. In addition, while attending Harvard, she worked in networking at Synapse National.

Shin Dong Woo’s business

Shin Dong-woo is a plastic surgeon. Well, that explains his amazing facial structure. In 2022, he works at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Yonsei University. He also worked at Severance Hospital in 2020.

In addition to being a surgeon, Shin is probably also a model. The last thing we checked was the face of Unesco Gym.

Speaking of gyms, it should come as no surprise that Dong-woo is a gym rat. She spent hours in gyms just to have that perfect physique to complement her amazing face.

Furthermore, thanks to his hard work, he became one of the three second runner-ups in Mister International Korea 2021 and was eventually named Mister Global Korea 2022.

Furthermore, in March 2022, Shin even represented South Korea and became runner-up at Mister Global 2021 in Maha Sarakham, Thailand.

When Shin is not working, he likes to exercise and travel. He so far he has been in Russia, the United States and Thailand.

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Regarding his education, Dong-woo graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Shin Dong Woo era

Shin Dong-woo was 31 years old when he appeared in Single’s Inferno 2022.

He was one of the oldest actors of that season.

Shin Dong-woo’s height

Shin Dong-woo is 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall.

Mentioning his special features, Dong-woo has a ripped body and amazing facial structure.

Is Shin Dong-woo on Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @darricksss.

  • When is Shin Dong-woo’s birthday?

Dong-woo did not reveal his birthday.

  • Where is Shin Dong-woo from?

Dong-woo hails from Seoul, South Korea. But because of his studies, he came to Los Angeles, to Los Angeles, California.

No wonder, he is fluent in English.

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