Shelter 69 MOD APK (God mode, weak enemy) 1.3.266

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1. God Mode2. Weak enemies 2.1. Attackspeed2.2 is very slow without Defense2.3 reducing HP3. 20 masons (building rooms) 4. High Expeditionary Money5. Each chest will provide x106 item. Buy resources (metal/stone) for x107. Each achievement gives x108 items. The ELDI capacity is 999KK9. workers max x2

What challenges will a post-apocalyptic world like Vault 69 bring us? Let us accompany the female warriors on their journey to rebuild everything. Build yourself a safe haven with the most modern and modern. Fight the dangers of the outside world with all you have. Form the necessary business services for your partners. Projects can be tough if they get off to a bad start. But with your strategic ability, you will not be afraid of any obstacles.

“Vault 69” is an idle game with management simulation. You will grow your business as an entrepreneur. The game meets the graphics needs well with vivid graphics. Plus, it has a beautiful Japanese anime style. The ingenious mechanism saves us a lot of time and manipulation. Such an object will help you not have to work too much and still be able to move forward. Although not excellent, it still creates interesting highlights to enjoy.

Download Shelter 69 mod – build the most advanced bunker in the world

After the nuclear war, the whole world was almost destroyed. But you can totally survive by taking shelter in the basement you create. After exiting the cellar, you see a beautiful woman in the same situation as me. So let’s work with them to make the basement better. Create a business empire using products from old world resources. You scale by using your money for investment activities. The bigger your kingdom, the more the world depends on your business. From there, they can expand their reach into potentially post-apocalyptic markets.

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cute character

Your partners are all wonderful and lovable female warriors. They are easily tempted to work for you with great efficiency. Their job capabilities can be classified based on their useful job statistics. You can choose the best people to join your development team. Assign combat missions or gather resources for them to complete. Even if you quit the game, they will still work hard. Bring more resources to your business every time. Therefore, the progress never stops and only increases over time.

Shelter 69 free mods

Fascinating story

The fascinating plot of the post-apocalyptic world will be divided into many different chapters. Each chapter gives us new goals and new tasks to achieve. There are also loads of rewards for each level, well worth the accumulation. But the difficulty will increase requiring you to develop your team. Unexpected situations may arise in your business operations. Solutions and strategies will be the best option to keep profits. Other enemies are constantly looking for ways to destroy your business in the marketplace. Finally, create a war of interests between the tycoons of the new world.

shelter 69 mod apk

unlock new room

The room in the cellar is suitable for business events. Each department has a team member who manages to produce the right product. Whatever the world needs, you can get it fast. It also means you have to wait to unlock new rooms as you expand. In it, you can choose to create a job that suits your desires. Don’t forget to upgrade these rooms for more output. Instead, use different methods to maximize your profits. You can reach your potential limitlessly.

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shelter 69 android mod

collect clothes

Want to make your girl more attractive? Simply put, you can use a new look for them. This will create a new and unique look that gives a whole new dimension to your experience. Each character will have a certain number of unlockable costumes. Some outfits are unlocked with resources, but others require random chest openings. The value of the skin will depend on how you find it. Various fashion styles will make you fall in love. Keep finding more looks for your beauty with the Shelter 69 mod.

Download Shelter 69 MOD APK (God Mode, Weak Enemies) for Android

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