Are Shamar Mcco Parents Related? Are They Siblings?

Not long after the TikTok star Shamarco Mcco became the topic of fake death rumors, there have now been talks of him becoming homeless.

Shamarco has left fans concerned for him after a photo showing him homeless went viral. Here’s what we know!

Shamar Mcco Disability/Condition

One time, in a TikTok video, Shamar talked about his disability check. Meaning to clear up this topic, he admitted that he has a condition called sclerosis. He said he was born this way and that is the reason for his liability cheque. He literally called out that the reason for his cheque is not because of him being “slow and retarded.” “That’s not even the case!”, he exclaimed.

And most lately, Shamar, on 8 August 2023, Shamar also opened up about a head and face injury that left him with a large cut on his eyebrow. While saying this too he had noticeable stitches on his right temple and forehead. To fans suspecting that he was attacked, he reassured them it was self-inflicted.

Long before this, one time, he also confessed that his body is the way it is because he fell out the window.

Often at times like these, Shamar’s fans have bombarded him with well-wishes. Recently too when he sparked homeless rumors with a viral Facebook photo, they were hoping and praying for him that his living situation would improve.

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In the said photo from 17 August 2023, Shamar can be seen looking like a homeless while sitting by a railing wearing a baggy blue T-shirt, shorts, and white trainers, with a pink leopard-print jacket tied around his waist.

Shamarco himself had not commented on the image, as of now. But, just a month ago, he uploaded an Instagram post lamenting: “God please bless me with a home. I’m really homeless and don’t have nowhere to stay get on my feet fr.”

Are Shamar Mcco Parents Siblings?

That doesn’t seem to be the case. Shamar Mcco’s fans have since long believed the opposite. They have been also paying their console to him. One user for instance showing her sorrow at this wrote “Idc they did that to him purposely everyone knows the risks…”. So, people have been just very hurt knowing that Shamar is disabled because his parents are siblings.

Janae Monique Bristow, a woman claiming to be Shamar’s cousin, has claimed that Shamar’s parents are not siblings and also are not related. Yet again, Shamar himself during a TikTok live revealed that the girl who posted his “daddy video” is not his cousin.

Not long ago, Shamar also kind of hinted that both his parents are no more.

It is also understood that Shamar’s mother used to live in College Park, Georgia.

Does Shamar Mcco Have A Twin Brother?

More than once people on social media have also seen Shamar Mcco talk about his twin brother. In fact now and then Shamar has also shown his brother to his internet audience.

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Yet, not much is known about Shamar’s twin except for him going around by the name of “AJ.”

How Much Is Shamar Mcco Net Worth?

Shamar Mcco reportedly had less than $100K net worth as of August 2023. Most of this, Shamar more likely made from his social media fame.

As of August 2023, Shamar enjoyed 71.9K followers on his IG @thequeenofatlana and also was followed by as many as 50,188 people on Facebook. Shamar also had 1.41K subscribers on his ‘Bigmarco’ YouTube channel and several accounts on TikTok and Instagram.

If you don’t already know, a new development of Shamar’s social media is also that he has had Angel Reese fans compare CamRon Fletcher to him, making the college basketball world react.

Shamar Mcco Dating Status

It was not understood if Shamar Mcco had been dating anyone as of August 2023.

On 29 May 2021, he mentioned his “first love” while also posting a picture of them together. Then, Shamar wrote in the caption “He does care about me and this is why I love him and like to have fun with him fr this was my first love…”. Shamar further added that Jaydee, his first love, unlike other people did him no wrong and wants to see him happy always.

More recently, on TikTok Shamar also shared about him having a “secret Boo Thang”. Once during a live chat with iBingeDaily, he admitted “I have a man and my man works at the hospital.”

Shamar Mcco Height

Shamar Mcco stands below 5’3” in height. Over the years, his admirers have really grown to like his eccentric hairstyles and clothing.

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  • How Old Is Shamar Mcco?

Shamar Mcco was born on 6 March 1997. So, he reached the age of 26 in 2023.

  • Where Is Shamar Mcco From?

Shamar Mcco was born in Atlanta, Georgia and he continued living here only as of the time of this writing.

  • What Is Shamar Mcco Real Name?

So, it is believed that Shamar Mcco is not the real name. Yet, at this time around there was no way for us to find out what his real name is.

Also, to those unversed, Shamar’s stage name is “Queen Shamar.”

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