Shake it to make it: Real Booty Music turns twerking into dance beats

Whatever your opinion of twerking, it’s very entrenched in pop culture right now. Rather than fight back, Danish headphone maker AiAiAi assembled a team to make “loot-for-loot” music. As such, AiAiA set out to create a device that could track the movement of a dancer’s back to trigger patterns and set the rhythm. But to make this dream come true, Aiaiai engineers knew they would need help.

For samples and rhythms, Portuguese beatmaker Branko of Buraka Som Sistema brings deep cuts and a background rooted in dance and club music. A prolific producer, Branko is adept at collaborating with other artists and seeking outside influences. Although he is responsible for creating a fair number of rhythms that people dance to, this may have been his first experience where dancing was responsible for creating rhythms. (The warning warning on those skinny pants above is probably not a coincidence: Close your eyes, kids.)

There was a need to track the movements of the dancers, so AiAiAi turned to the design team at Omnipresent World of Wizkids, the innovative entity responsible for everything from futuristic portable MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers to jamming benches. the signal of your mobile. Armed with an open source Arduino sensor board and some accelerometers, OWOW was tasked with tracking the dancers’ movements and interpreting the data for Branko.

But of course they still needed someone to twerk with. There was no better choice for the task than Twerk Queen Louise, a dancer from Copenhagen whose twerking skills know no bounds. She has performed with several high-profile artists, including Major Lazer, and is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Danish dance style.

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OWOW’s “Booty Drum” attached a pair of accelerometers to the dancer to track the speed and rotation time of her booty. This data was collected by an Arduino microcontroller, where it was translated into MIDI data to trigger drum patterns and rhythms that followed specific directions and movements. In real time, Twerk Queen Louise can shoot and lock to hear the results of her dance along with Branko’s production process. The result is a song you can definitely shake your head to, with unique beats and a great bass line.

But the experiment is about more than just dancing. For AiAiAi, it was an opportunity to change the perception of twerking by aligning it with technology and aligning it with the creative forces behind the music. The Real Booty Music project takes dance as a tradition and uses it as an instrument, so the dancer is part of the creation of the song. Not too serious and lots of fun, Real Booty Music combines technology, music and dance – twerking dance club hits are just the beginning.

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