Sex Education’s Superman Pose Explained: Real Life Theory & TED Talk

A scene from season 3 sex In the so-called “superman pose‘, but what does that position mean in real life? The new season of the Netflix original series aired mid-September and is currently among the top 10 most viewed content on the platform. sex Season 3 stars new and old cast including Asa Butterfield, Nkuti Gatwa, Emma McKee, Gillian Anderson and Dua Saleh.

Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke) replaces Mr. Groff (Alastair Petrie) as the new principal of Moordale High School in Season 3. She despises Modal’s reputation, including “sex school‘, and plans to make some major changes to restore its reputation. As the new rules get tougher, she comes into conflict with the Moordale students trying to rebrand the school. The new principal promised to listen to students, but she silenced the conversation about gender and sexuality, and forced the school to adhere to a rigorous, critically encouraging sex education curriculum. abstinence and homophobia. As a result, Hope also replaced Principal Grove as the main antagonist. sex.

in episode 7 sexIn the new semester, Moordale students and staff prepare for Open Houses. Hope there are plans to launch a “Rebranding, including a name change to Sparkside Academy to ensure the school received the necessary funding. Before the event, a staff member walked into Hope, and she straightened up, hands on her hips, muttering encouraging words to herself. Posture,” Hope explained. “It helps the nerves. There’s a TED talk about it. ‘ That is certainly true. Superman Pose, also known as power pose, originated in a 2012 TED talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy (via Tednet). In his talk, Cuddy focuses on the role body language plays in human interactions, noting that our physical condition can also affect how we perceive ourselves. self. She explains that “nonverbal expressions of power and dominance” are “about expansion” and “openness”. Cuddy describes a lab study in which she found people feel stronger after doing an open pose for two minutes, and advised her audience to “try posing” as a way to get the hang of it. gain confidence.

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The background of Cuddy’s TED talk reveals Hope’s lack of confidence beneath her calm, serious exterior. Although she has demonstrated an authoritarian style by creating new rules and a gray uniform policy in Moordale, it is clear that she is not always as confident in what she does as she appears to be. outside. Although she has gone too far and her new policies are questionable, it is a real-world phenomenon that women are not valued as highly as men in positions of power. Due to social conditioning and other factors, women do not always appear as confident or authoritative as professional men. Whether Hope was aware of it or not, it was clear that she had been told in the past or feared that she was not as confident and secure as she wanted, so she turned to talks. TED stories and use the advice for my own life.

hopeful superhero pose sex Personify her. This scene shows her worried about Moordale’s opening day and deeply worried, not only about whether it will go well, but also about how she feels. In some other examples, hope manifests itself under pressure sex Season 3, including when she was threatened by her supervisor and when she doubted her ability to conceive after multiple IVF attempts. Moments of vulnerability like this contribute to the complex personality of the new villain sex Hopefully he’ll be one of the show’s funniest characters in the coming seasons.

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