Seinfeld: 10 Funniest George Costanza Memes That Make Us Cry-Laugh

George Louis Costanza, aka Georgie, is one of the main characters Seinfeld. Although he and Jerry are best friends, there isn’t even the slightest resemblance between the two characters. George is neurotic, greedy, selfish, insecure, and mean. Ironically, it was these qualities that made fans fall in love with George’s character.

After Cosmo Kramer, George is the dumbest character on the show. Some of his antics include claiming to be an architect and marine biologist, wearing a perforated Gore-Tex jacket and giving up a lifetime of guilt-free sex! You have to respect George because he is Costanza, king of fools! Here are 10 memes to back up that claim.

first bomb

Ah, pop culture’s first photo bomb! George Costanza is credited with inventing the light bomb. He bombarded the family portrait, staring at the members in the background with vengeance. George’s speaker breakdown was described in “The Slicer” in 1997. The story goes back to the summer of ’89 and George is on the beach.

A family with two children lives next to George. George arrives to surf, only to later discover that his belongings have been lost. George angrily shouted at the children, demanding their belongings returned. In the end he lost it. He grabbed their speakers and threw them into the sea. It turns out that the man in the family photo is George’s current boss, Daniel Kruger. George broke into Kruger’s office, stole the photo, and spray-painted it himself with a brush.

Dress like Costanza

It was the 90s! This meme shows that Geoge Costanza is the biggest source of style inspiration when it comes to clothing.

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The 90s fashion trend is back in 2020. Bomber jackets, fanny packs, life jackets – George has all worn them. Reverse history. Only this time it has added Giorgio Costanza flavor. One can rummage through one’s wardrobe to find some trendy clothes. Who would have thought that Costanza would be a style icon in 2020!

Rageholic Anonymous and McDonald’s

How important is this meme! George’s “I’mlosin’ it” sounds similar to McDonald’s slogan – I’m lovin’ it. Besides being a miser, George is also a rage. The person may lose his temper in the smallest of situations. George is a far cry from his cold friend Jerry Seinfeld.

Given that George’s parents were both neurotic, it’s only natural that he inherited that trait. George growled and raged like everyone else. He yelled at people everywhere, on the street, in the restaurant, in the bathroom of the gym. In “Apology,” sponsor Jason Hank invites George to take an anger management class. An unwitting George is there for revenge, not anger.

Summer George

George Costanza seems to be in tune with the 2020 corona pandemic! The all-day nerd was the definition of a loser in the pre-COVID-19 world. But now, staying at home is the new fad. If a person stays at home, they will be safe.

For this reason, George Costanza will indeed be TIME’s Person of the Year. The year 2020 must be declared – George’s Summer!

drive like george

Indeed, no one does. When it comes to self-praise, no one can beat George Costanza. In “Parking,” George and Elaine drive Jerry’s car. The car rattled because of Elaine. She moved the mirror first to check her sunglasses, causing George to lose his balance.

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Elaine blamed the crash on George being a bad driver. Raging George says no one drives like him. This meme reflects self-praising drivers. A person exceeds estimates and thinks he drives differently.


This quote comes from “Marine Biologist”. In this episode, Jerry meets Diane DeCong from Queens College, who asks about George’s mistake. Jerry lied about George’s thriving career in marine biology and his expertise in whales.

So George meets Diane on a beach date. Now, George must save a dying stranded whale because he is a marine biologist. By the way, he did. Later at Monk’s, he recounted the story to his friends: “The sea went crazy that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup at the snack shop.”


Then you can survive the arctic vortex when you wear Gore-Tex fabric! Besides being very funny, this meme also serves as a useful reminder.

George wears a Gore-Tex jacket in “The Dinner Party”. It’s very cold outside, terrible cold – the cold that kills in North America. But not anymore! Get yourself a Gore-Tex that can punch holes and ta-da!

online dating

This meme sums up girls’ problems like no other. It is also a summary of online dating. Why can’t George treat the people he likes the same way he treats the people he doesn’t like?

Maybe he really needs someone who doesn’t speak English. Maybe he needs a mute. So here’s the question, where can we meet dumb people? The answer is simple, online.

Nazi soup

George Costanza’s iconic quote comes from the equally iconic episode “The Soup Nazi”. Soups are a healthy addition to the winter menu. In fact, they are one of the main comfort foods that one can enjoy during the winter months.

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This meme shows that once the weather changes, your eating habits will change as well. Then everyone should focus and get into soup mode! What soup to make and what ingredients to add is a big exercise for everyone – like ordering soup from Soup Nazi.

In April 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 changed the world order. The news is full of disgusting and tragic stories about the coronavirus pandemic. The same goes for the world of memes. Amidst it all, humorous memes about lockdowns and the pandemic continue to spread across the internet.

George Costanza’s iconic quote “Why does it always matter?” Find yourself at the center of it! 2020 hasn’t been a good year so far and it’s only April. But here is hope. World, all the best!

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