Seek and Find Puzzle: Find the Odd Robot in 6 Seconds!

Seek and find puzzles are one of the most popular puzzle challenges on the web. Here, the challenge for the readers is to solve the puzzle by addressing the challenge presented before them.

Solving seek and find puzzles is a great way to boost brain health. High attention to detail is necessary to solve them.

Studies suggest that solving puzzles has a beneficial effect on the brain. It also provides protection against cognitive decline in old age.

Do you want to test the sharpness of your eyes?

Then attempt this challenge now!

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Seek and Find – Find the Odd Robot in 6 Seconds

Source: YouTube

The image shared above depicts a grid of robot emojis.

There is one robot emoji on the grid that is different from the rest.

You have 6 seconds to spot the odd emoji.

Observe the image carefully. 

Have you figured it out?

The clock is ticking; hurry up.

Take another look at the image; it might be right in front of you.


Time’s up.

Stop looking right now!

Most of you have probably noticed the odd robot by now.

Congratulations! You have the sharpest eyes.

Are you curious to know where it was?

Check out the solution provided below.

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Find Odd Robot in 6 Seconds – Solution

The odd robot can be spotted on the left side of the image in the bottom row, third from left.


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