Search and Find Puzzle: Only a genius can spot two hidden cats in the living room in 7 seconds!

Seek and Find Puzzle: The seek and find puzzle is based on the premise of finding the hidden object in the picture under certain time limits.

Solving these puzzles requires focus and concentration, and provides a sense of accomplishment once the hidden object is found.

This activity is extremely useful in improving observation skills and also acts as a great stress buster.

It is extremely popular among children and adults and is often used as a fun way to improve cognitive skills.

Want to test how detail-oriented you are?

Try this challenge now to find out.

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Search and Find – Find two cats in the living room in 7 seconds

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The above picture shows a scene from the living room where you can see a lady and a gentleman sitting on a chair while a little girl is playing on the floor.

As the title suggests, there are two cats in the living room and you have 7 seconds to spot them.

Individuals with sharp observation skills can spot the cats within the time limit.

Look carefully at the picture, scan all the areas and see if you can spot the hidden cats.

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Did you find two cats in the living room in 7 seconds?

The task of spotting two cats in the living room in 7 seconds is a difficult task and will require you to focus carefully on the image.

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The best thing about engaging in such activities is that it provides healthy exercise for the eyes and brain, which in turn is good for brain health.

Have you spotted the hidden cats?


Keep looking, they might be right in front of you.

Have you spotted the hidden cats now?

Harry up; the clock is ticking fast.


Time is up.

How many of you have successfully spotted hidden cats in the living room?

Most of you may have spotted hidden cats by now.


Some people are still looking for cats.

Those who are still searching can check the solution given below.

Find two hidden cats in 7 seconds – solution

The location of the hidden cats is indicated by red circles, while one is on the ground under the gentleman’s feet and the other is being petted by the lady.


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