Scream Creator Reveals How Stu Could Return Despite Confirming His Death

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Scream creator Kevin Williamson has revealed how Matthew Lillard’s Stu will return in the sequel, although the character’s death was previously confirmed.

Although the character’s death was previously confirmed, scream Creator Kevin Williamson reveals how Matthew Lillard’s Stu will return. Lillard played one of the tough teens in the original Slasher movie, who was eventually revealed to be one of Sidney Prescott’s killers, played by Neve Campbell, along with her boyfriend, Skeeter. Billy Loomis’ sidekick, played by Ulrich. In the finale, Sidney got the upper hand over both Stu and Billy, banging the TV on the ex’s head and electrocuting him, though that didn’t stop franchise fans from wanting him back.

In honor of the next film in the beloved killer series, screamkevin williamson catch up tonight’s reception discuss scream 6When asked about Stu Macher’s highly sought-after return, the creator noted that although the character’s death has been previously confirmed, Lillard’s original killer could find his way back. through a fan theory. Check out what Williamson had to say below:

I mean, I would say never, but I’m always wrong when I do. There’s always been the twin brother theory.

It’s too late for Stu to scream again

Matthew Lillard as Stu in Scream

In the years since his death in the original film, little is known about how Stu returned to the world. scream franchise, planned at some point scream 3 Even let Lillard become the killer of the trio, and plan a new series of ghost-faced murders from prison to Sidney. Marketing for scream 6 Those theories were revived with a poster, notably the name of the character featured on the subway map, stoking curiosity that he could be one of the series’ killers. next.

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It is hoped that he will return just as much, however, the general consensus is that it is too late for Stu to return. scream. Latest issue, 2022 screamfeatures the return of Ulrich’s Billy in ghostly form, offering murder advice to Melissa Barrera’s Sam, revealed to be his long-lost daughter. Although it is unclear if the ghostly character will reappear in scream 6Billy essentially served his purpose in the sequel, with Kyle Gallner’s Vince Schneider’s death closing the door for Stu to return to the door.

Launched as red herring in 2022 screamVince then becomes the new Ghostface’s first killer and is revealed to be Stu’s grandson, with a mention of Stu’s sister, Leslie, in passing. If one wants to follow the same path to Billy’s return, it doesn’t seem to be a real family for Stu to offer spooky advice now and the twin brother theory Williamson mentioned might be alienate viewers, as in scream 3The Roman twist.wait and see if stu comes back scream 6 The film is coming to an end when it premieres on Friday.

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