Scream 6 Trailer’s “Motherfu–” Line Supports A Big Jenna Ortega Theory

s to scream 6Super Bowl’s commercial confirms more fan theories surrounding Jenna Ortega scream The sequel heroine Tara.when she was introduced in the prologue scream In 2022, Jenna Ortega’s lovable heroine Tara appears to be dying. This character is alone in a large empty house, answering Ghostface’s phone in an opening scene scream next part. No matter how popular her cast is, there seems to be only one end to this scene.

Cleverly defying audience expectations, Tara not only survived her first encounter with Ghostface before the credits, but in all scream 2022. So while all the fan theories are rooted in scream 6In the trailer, it’s fair to say that even the most seasoned horror viewer isn’t sure of his or her fate in the sequel. Ortega’s role is scream 2022The last girl, Melissa Barrera’s Sam.tara plays a supporting role in it scream In 2022, help Sidney Prescott and Sam defeat the Killer. However, since then, scream The franchise’s original heroine, Sidney, won’t be returning scream 6Tara’s role is not very clear.

Scream 6’s “Motherfu–” line hints that Tara will be the main final girl

However, since Paramount dropped scream 6 In the wake of the Super Bowl, Tara’s potential role in the sequel becomes clearer. At the end of the intense clip, Tara can be seen screaming “Come on, mom—‘ And the entire trailer seems to highlight Jenna Ortega’s role as the ultimate girl. Of course, yes scream 6 Fan theories have fanciful ideas about the sequel’s story, but there’s plenty of evidence to back up that claim. For one thing, Ortega was no longer a rising star when he was cast scream Grade A in 2022 thanks to Netflix Wednesday.

while before scream 6 The trailer positions Sam as the Last Girl and Tara’s Fierce Super Bowl Conversation seems to support S’s theoryice cream 6 would push Tara into the future of the franchise’s final girl. This makes sense, as Tara is also bigger than Sam and scream Traditional films often revolve around characters in their teens and early twenties, victims of the first two films, scream 4 And scream 2022 fits that description. Although the sequel is tortuous scream 3 Abandoning that practice, that outing also received many of the series’ worst reviews.

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Why Jenna Ortega’s Tara Being Scream’s New Final Girl makes sense

Scream 6 Sam and Tara hide in the cellar

Focusing on Tara could allow future Scream sequels to follow a character around Sidney’s age in the original. scream. Ortega has proven the authenticity of his impressive horror genre Nanny: Queen of Assassins And x But also scream In 2022, a star’s profile will only grow with success Wednesday. While Sam is an attractive character scream In 2022, she is also linked to the original Wes CravenI scream Gratitude to her father was a revelation to Billy Loomis. On the contrary, make Tara scream 6The last girl can do scream The series has been cut short.

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