Scary Movie 6 Can Work If It Follows 1 Big Horror Trend

More than two decades after its debut, with five installments in the franchise, Scary Movie 6 could work if it follows a big horror trend. Produced by and starring the Wayans Brothers alongside Anna Faris and Regina Hall, the original Scary Movie broke records by having the biggest opening weekend for an R-rated film when it debuted. Inspiring multiple sequels and other parody films that tried to recapture the success of the original Scary Movie, there’s no doubt that the film left a legacy on cinema for its humorous take on horror flicks.

It was in November 2022 that Regina Hall responded to Anna Farris’ interest in a new Scary Movie. With many citing Scary Movie’s crude humor, declining reception, and outdated pop culture references, it questions whether the series still has enough relevancy for another movie. Considering modern slasher movies, their dependence on nostalgia, and just how many new horror films open themselves up to parody, not only would a Scary Movie 6 succeed, it’d be a redemption for the series. By taking aim squarely at the legacy sequel trend, Scary Movie 6 can be a new beginning for the parody franchise.

Why Scary Movie 6 Needs Original Characters To Return

While people sought out new horror icons and franchises, many series became reliant on their past. Audiences have seen an almost 70-year-old Michael Myers shuffling in pursuit of Halloween’s Laurie Strode after four decades, Alan Grant combating giant locusts after escaping Jurassic Park twice, and the umpteenth Ghostface milking another comeback. There’s unlimited potential in parodying legacy sequels with an “I’m too old for this” mentality. Scary Movie 6 has the perfect premise and a way to deliver its best movie in years; however, it’ll need the original Scary Movie cast to make it happen and a true legacy film. Fortunately, Anna Faris and Regina Hall are both willing to return, and if anyone could make a Scary Movie sequel funny again, it’s the scream queens who starred in the franchise’s best movies.

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Why It’s The Perfect Time For A Scary Movie Sequel

Scary Movie 5 Poster Crop

Scary Movie 6 poking fun at the legacy trend is a good start, but there have also been many great horror movies to parody since the early 2000s. Films like Barbarian, Smile, Malignant, and even most of Jordan Peele’s projects aren’t beyond satirical critique. What Scary Movie did best was act as the voice of every viewer who screamed, “Don’t go in there!” or said, “They’re the killer!” Modern horror movies aren’t much different in that they still feature gullible protagonists, questionable decisions, and baffling scenes that encourage cheeky remarks from the audience. There are jokes to be made about Art the Clown in Terrifier 2, the absurdity of a Winnie the Pooh horror movie, and how films like Barbarian just needed common sense and a working phone to resolve their plots. Additionally, with the disappointing Scary Movie 5 released in 2013, it seems like enough time has passed for another movie to be made and for the series to try again.

In this day and age, moviegoers still enjoy being scared by horror flicks, but they also haven’t forgotten how to laugh at them. Regina Hall and Anna Faris aren’t wrong for wanting another Scary Movie, and it could be a fun premise to revisit their characters. As a sequel, Scary Movie 6 has the potential to be a modern horror-comedy classic if it respects its legacy and isn’t afraid to parody it for a new generation.

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