Sakura Beats Naruto & Sasuke In Official Popularity Poll

NARUTOP99’s official global popularity interim report shows that Sakura defeated Team 7 partners Naruto and Sasuke in this competition. Despite being known as one of the most underrated and mishandled roles narutoSakura is clearly the most popular among the fans.

NARUTOP99 contest in naruto Dashboard for Jump Festa 2023. Here is the first board naruto Popularity contest for fans worldwide to vote for their favorite character once a day. The results will not only determine who is the most popular on the incredible list naruto figure. The winner will be the main character of a short manga drawn by Masashi Kishimoto himself, and the top 20 will receive new special artwork from the series’ creator.

According to the provisional report of NARUTOP99, Share Naruto’s official account on twitter, the Fourth Hokage remained in the lead, followed by Itachi Uchiha. The big surprise, however, was third place, which now belongs to Sakura after rising six places from ninth. Interestingly, the members of Sakura’s Team 7, as well as the two main characters of the series, Naruto and Sasuke, are behind in sixth and ninth place, respectively.

Sakura side story will be the best chance to fix mishandled characters

It’s exciting to see Sakura fans unite and push the pink-haired ninja into the top three of the rankings. Mishandling cherry blossoms is a long debate naruto Community. At the beginning of the series, Sakura is shown to be intelligent and resourceful, although she is not as powerful as her two teammates. However, as the plot progressed, Sakura quickly became overshadowed, and her attention focused solely on Naruto and Sasuke. Despite becoming a student of Tsunade, one of the Fifth Hokage, and becoming a skilled medical ninja, Sakura had little time to shine. sasuke’s story Tried to make up for Sakura by showing her mature relationship with Sasuke as a couple, but it’s probably too late to make up for that. naruto.

However, Sakura’s sudden popularity proves that fans of the series still care deeply about the character. Even though Hokage and Itachi are still two of the most popular characters and this could be the match between them, it’s amazing to see Sakura actually win the NARUTOP99 competition. This could be a golden opportunity for star Sakura to appear in a short manga spin-off narutoThe writer corrects the mistakes he made with the character in the original series.

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source: Naruto’s official Twitter account.

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