Sailor Moon is Hauntingly Beautiful in New Must-See Fanart

Fans once again showed their appreciation for Sailor Moon with beautiful art paintings. On Twitter, Yue shared a gorgeous version of the iconic manga heroine. The artwork highlights her connection to the moon, which is part of her name and core identity.

First published in 1991, created by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino, a teenage girl turned heroine, is introduced. Isolate the team from the other Guardian Sailors and protect the universe. Her broader character history is complicated, as she is also a younger version of the new Queen of Serenity, and the daughter of the Queen of Serenity, ruler of the Moon.

on Twitter, @yueko_ The Sailor Moon illustration has been shared. Based on her outfit and overall appearance, the image seems to depict her as Princess Serenity. While she looks almost identical to her mother, the Queen of Serenity, dresses with loops on the bodice are often worn by princesses. Plus, she didn’t become the new Queen of Serenity, because the wings attached to her didn’t exist at the time. The Queen of Serenity is often depicted wearing winged dresses with a bow in the middle of the bodice. No matter what moment in Serenity’s life this is, this work of art is absolutely stunning.

The moon is in the hands of the Princess of Silence

This artwork places Princess Serenity on the moon, surrounded by flowers and stars on a galactic background. It’s spectacular and highlights not only the heroine’s home, but also her role in the universe as royalty. Usagi’s life timeline can be very confusing, especially since her reincarnated past and her future are often at odds with each other. She teams up with her future husband and daughter, although her future husband is also the reincarnation of the late Prince Endymion. Sailor Moon also sometimes tries to save her future self and fend off an evil repeat in her daughter’s future. Although there are many alternating and intersecting timelines, Sailor Moon Still a popular and iconic manga with many anime adaptations.

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@yueko_’s artwork is another in a long series of fan works that attempt to highlight the love for Sailor Moon and its universe. The Sailor Guardians are a mighty team that has inspired countless cosplayers, and they are the Guardians of the Galaxy, stronger when united. Serenity and Sailor Moon may have lived very different lives, but both are inspirational and important leaders in their own right. While Princess Tranquility may not have had the chance to rule in her first life, the leadership she displayed in her second life is astounding. She is not only a beautiful princess, she is also a beautiful human being, made stronger by the trust of people and friends. As long as these themes remain relevant to readers and viewers alike, Sailor Moon will continue to be an inspirational figure worthy of this ethereal fan art.

source: Joyous

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