Ross Smith Wife: Is He Married? Dart Player Relationship And Family Details

Ross Smith’s Wife: Ross Smith, a professional darts player, is not married as of this writing. Despite his extensive social media presence, Ross has kept his personal life a well-guarded secret. His admirers are becoming more curious about his marital life. So, who is the wife of Ross Smith? Is he married? Continue reading this article to find out! Ross Smith is a British professional darts player who competes in Professional Darts Corporation competitions. Smith, who is in his mid-thirties, has been competing in PDC tournaments for over two decades.

He made his tournament debut in 2005, at the Vauxhall Spring Open, where he reached the final 16. Following that, he competed in PDC tournaments multiple times but only once won the event. The 2022 European Championship was won by Ross. His greatest World Championship accomplishment was reaching the quarterfinals in 2011.

Who Is Ross Smith’s Wife? Does He Have Any Children?

Ross Smith, an English darts player, was not married at the time of writing. Similarly, there is currently no relevant information regarding him dating someone. As a result, the former European champion is most likely single. Ross has a kid named Archie, which leads his followers to assume he has a wife. It is unknown if he is still married to his son’s mother. Because he seldom discusses family problems, there is no opportunity to learn anything essential about his personal life.

Smith acknowledged to Metro magazine in 2022 that he quit playing darts for a period and drove trucks due to a variety of concerns, including family troubles. He announced that he had a son in the same publication. When I scrolled through his Instagram, I saw that he generally uploaded photographs of his business life. As a consequence, there is no way to know whether he has a fiancée, therefore his followers may have to wait until he personally exposes the information.

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More About His Childhood And Family

Ross Smith was born on January 12, 1989, in Kent, England, to parents. Smith enjoyed a variety of sports as a child in Dover, Kent, but his favorites were soccer and dart throwing. He grew up watching his father play darts for Kent, so he has always had an interest in the game. Ross began training when he was fourteen, and the Kent Youth system enrolled him in the squad a year later. When asked about his early Metro ride, he remarked,

“I was asked to play for the Kent youth system, and I was in the Kent Men’s A team at 15 years old, playing alongside Andy Fordham.” I saw him win the world championship, and the next thing I knew, I was on the same side as him, so everything happened fast.”

Ross Smith

Although he became disoriented when shifting from a young to a professional job, his family stuck by him and helped him get back on track.

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