Road 96: How to Unlock Every Ability

Road 96 Debut in a presentation and narrative style reminiscent of other cinematic games zombie or Life is strange. However, what makes Road 96 What stands out is the use of a generation process: story and scene elements are chosen at random, meaning one journey is never the same as another.

Unlike other narrative-based walking simulators, Road 96 is likely to be discovered. These abilities range from knowledge hacks to power-ups, all of which can be used for new dialogue or event options. Each protagonist retains all unlocked abilities, thus becoming an all-powerful protagonist in the future.

There are six abilities that can be earned through episodes or throughout the game Road 96. They can be learned by talking to specific characters in specific locations. However, due to Road 96Procedurally generated, it may take multiple protagonists and games to find them.

Meet the protagonist of Route 96

When looking for possibility Road 96, it’s worth noting that each teenage protagonist can only meet one of the seven protagonists during their journey. For example, if the main character met Alex on the bus, there is no chance of seeing him again on the side of the road or when hitchhiking; however, they can still appear as supporting characters in other people’s stories.

To meet these characters in specific situations, players will need to join a new episode with a new protagonist avatar. This allows Road 96 Its gameplay has rougelite quality. There is still a random number, as encounters may not be part of the world seed. In that case, people may have to wait until New Game Plus to get the ability they missed.

96 route character ability

Known capabilities and progress on Route 96

sign of vitality

To get the special Omen Vitality boost, the player must hitchhik to the end of the scene until being picked up by Big John. While driving, he might get tired and share the recipe for the drink that gives Omen Vitality. In addition, players who register with Omen Gaming will receive Omen Vitality from the start of the game.

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Omen Vitality has two functions. First, it increases maximum energy by two points. Second, it allows for feats of strength such as opening blocked passages or climbing safely. Both of these features are beneficial if the player wants to cross the Petria border crossing; without them, the main character can die from exhaustion.

the government overcomes

To find the government card, one needs to end the scene by stealing a car. Similar to the car theft mechanic in the game Electronic 2077, the player needs to choose a parked car. This is usually easiest at truck stops and roadside restaurants, but cars can be used at other random locations. Car keys tend to be kept in rooms or safes, and they’re easier to get when the character is already skilled at hacking or cracking.

After stealing a car, the player can hand it over to Officer Fanny for requisition. The player should agree to help her, but intentionally crash the car. Fanny will be sad to leave, but leave her government card in the passenger seat.

The Government Card allows for special interactions when encountering police and other officials, even when indirectly helping the Black Brigade. In addition, it allows players to purchase special government lotteries with a fairer pay-to-cost ratio.

Take the Fanny's Government Pass on Route 96

hacking skills

To learn about the hack, the player should catch a bus or taxi at the end of the scene until reaching a restaurant at the same time as Alex. Buses typically cost $7 and taxis $12, but they offer an opportunity for energy recovery. After playing a game of “Pwong” with Alex, agreed to steal the game’s royalties from the Chamber of Secrets. Alex will then teach the basics of hacking.

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Through hacking, players will be able to bypass doors and safes using electronic security. This often gives the advantage when supporting Stan and Mickey or causing other havoc.


To master the art of picking locks, the player needs to catch a taxi (either from Jarod or a regular driver) at the end of the scene until they reach Happy Taxi’s headquarters, where Stan and Mitch are robbing it. A public phone is required to call a taxi, but the scene where Alex appears can be taken for free. Either way, if the thief is in the Happy Taxi, the protagonist can agree to help carry out the heist and Mickey will teach them how to open the lock.

The jailbreak ability will allow players to open doors to new buildings, but it doesn’t work with vehicles. This will mostly be beneficial, but it can also speed up some parts of helping Zoe.

Lucky stars can keep gambling on 96th Street forever

lucky Star

Players can unlock gambling-specific lucky stars by hiking until they come across Sonia giving a speech about Terak on the side of the road. Walking is always dangerous because it uses a lot of energy. After the player has Omen Vitality, it is safer to attempt to unlock this feat. After meeting with Sonya, the player is said to agree to operate the news camera, but does a poor job of focusing in the wrong places and stirring up crowds at the wrong time. Instead of paying the players, Sonia punishes them and warns them about increasing their luck.

Lucky star adds a fixed +15% bonus to all chance reels. This is useful when playing for favors or lying. The player should have this skill when trying to smuggle across the border, as smugglers can abandon the player if there is not enough convincing or extra money.

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For the Intelligence ability, the protagonist needs to take a taxi until picked up by Jarod. Players will need to find a public phone and have enough money to pay for the ride. Once inside Jarod’s cab, the player must agree with him to make sure he stays calm: he loves dinosaurs, hates the Black Brigade and Sonya, and goes on a rampage if the player admits he was. watch a video of his daughter Lola. If Jarod is angry, he simply kills the current minor, but if he is satisfied, he will reward intelligence.

Intelligence opens up additional dialogue options, many of which are easy to fool most people. This is especially helpful for people who are trying to immigrate from Petria through legal channels, as the lies have been exposed.

After unlocking all abilities, the player can import those moves and techniques into New Game Plus. Starting a new adventure in this way, the player can Road 96.

Road 96 Now available on PC and Switch.

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