RHOM: Why Alexia Wanted to Share Info About Frankie’s Medical Condition

Alexia Echevarria reveals how she pushes true housewives of miami Producers share Frankie Rosello’s recovery journey on the show. The real OG housewife and her family have been very transparent in the reboot when it comes to Frankie’s health following her 2011 car crash. Alexia is close to her two sons and wants to openly share her family life with the audience no matter how difficult the conversation. Her hope is to inspire and motivate others facing similar challenges.

Season 4 follows Alexia planning her wedding to Todd Nepola, raising two adult sons while dealing with her mother’s ill health. Alexia has two sons, Peter and Frankie, from her first marriage to Pedro Rosello. In 2011, Frankie was involved in a serious car accident that left him with severe brain damage. At a family meeting, Todd criticizes Peter for putting Frankie in situations he can’t handle. The conversation is sensitive and things get tense, but in the end, both Peter and Alexia agree that everyone has to do what’s best for Frankie.

In one episode, Alexia shared an important doctor’s appointment on the 10th anniversary of Frankie’s accident, which was almost cut from the show. Talking about why she called on producers to share about Frankie’s recovery, Alexia explained her desire to inspire others. “I said [to producers], ‘do you know? Do you know how many people you have to help in America? That’s one of the reasons I did this program,” alexia said page six. OG Housewives also thanked her for all the love and dedication she gave to Frankie’s recovery then and now. “the doctor will say [me]if it didn’t have a mother like me, it wouldn’t be successful,Alexia said. “I never say ‘no’. I never give up.”

Many viewers responded to Todd and Peter’s tense family moment about Frankie. Todd later took to social media to thank fans for the feedback, and acknowledged that the family has learned and grown together as a result of their interest in Frankie. This angered many fans because Todd was too strict with Peter. But the producers were able to get Todd and Peter to live peacefully because of their love for Frankie. This is one of many brave real-life incidents that Alexia shares on the show.

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In addition to Frankie’s recovery, Alexia also has to take care of her mother, who tragically passed away the first day she planned to get married. Elsewhere, Alexia arranged a meeting with a man who was the secret lover of her second husband, Herman Echeverria. In accepting her late second husband’s gender identity, Alexia opened up more openly, revealing that her father himself had kept his preferences a secret all his life. Alexia desperately wanted Herman and her father to be free to live in their truth while they were alive. But she expressed love and support for giving people space to be themselves. real housewives of miami A star doesn’t have to start a movie to have a plot. Her real life is enough to make viewers really invested in Alexia’s screen time.

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