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The hit anime series Re: From Scratch launched a full video game version on smartphone devices with the title Re: Memories from Scratch. Return to Subaru’s journey through death. Fight monsters everywhere and save the people he loves the most. This game does not copy all the content of the anime version. Show more special and tactical battles. Shows you that even when made into a game, the story still has the potential to grow. Interact with real people instead of just observing them like before.

Re: Memories from Zero is a role-playing game that retells the journey of the main plot in the anime of the same name. The content is about a boy Subaru accidentally reincarnated into another world. Here, he meets his best friend Emilia, Rem, Ram and many other characters. In the process of exploring the world, Subaru also accidentally discovered his own power. That possibility is that every time you die, you will be resurrected at a specific time. Will this ability play a useful or troublesome role in the next development? Start exploring for yourself now.

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An RPG with a team-based combat system like Re: Memories from Zero has specific requirements for the player’s understanding. Specifically, you have to take on the main and supporting roles. They play a combat role under your command throughout the journey. The second most important thing you need to remember is the connection between your teammates. According to the plot of the plot, each character will have a certain relationship. Of course, this also contributes to the content of the game. Characters that are close to each other will have combined skills to create more power. Preference is given to teams consisting of multiple-pair or triple-association characters.

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Battles will be turn-based depending on the roles of your side and the enemy side. However, it differs from turn-based in that you don’t have to order an attack. Characters always attack automatically to avoid wasting time. The only thing you need to activate yourself is that character’s special skills. Each character will have certain skills and effects. You can fast forward or even skip battles to see the results at a higher level and enjoy more awesome perks.

ReZero Lost in Memories mod APK

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If you think that it is only possible to interact with characters through dialogue, I think you may be wrong. Re: Memories from Scratch invested heavily in the character design process. Create interactions and characters as close as possible to the original animation. Each character in the episode has a 2.5D model. When talking, it’s not just the dialog box at the bottom of the screen. You will see the characters move back and forth and have their voice acting. The facial expression is also very similar to the popular anime version. For players to feel like playing games while watching anime. All of the above, the plot system no longer makes players bored and ignored.

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Let all the characters from the anime develop in the game. Re:Zero Memories takes you back to the entire main cast of Re:Zero. And the reappearance of key supporting characters, and even the villains. Everyone can now be summoned through the character summoning system. The level and strength of each character are shown to be similar to the original. We can consider Rem or Ram as warriors with sharp mace of great power. Emilia is a support character that will provide effects to other members. Subaru is almost immortal and cannot die. There is also an upgrade system waiting for you to discover for yourself.

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Indeed, with such a clever combination of strategy and partying, the game will likely feature a PvP system. Even the PvP part in Re: Memories from Zero is quite attractive because of the competition of many players. Advance fast on the leaderboards and meet stronger players. Schedule a defense against your opponent when you’re not in the game. When attacking the position, choose the most suitable formation to defeat the enemy and win. Counter selection is always the best bet for an easy win. We only need three factors: strength, tactics and a little luck to create a perfect victory.

Free ReZero Lost in Memories

War never ends. Thus, the journey through the memories of the characters in Re:Zero will continue. Accompanying them are you – the player with the most intelligent tactics and perfect command ability. Enjoy the story again and increase your engagement. Change the future so everyone gets the best results. Download the Re: Memories from Scratch mod and fight now.

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