Rey’s The Force Awakens Vision Explained: What She Saw & What It Meant To Her Journey

one Star Wars: The Force AwakensThe best scene is the force vision after Rey touches Anakin’s lightsaber and she sees a wider field of vision Star Wars The universe has been explained and is still shrouded in mystery. This scene takes place in Maz Kanata’s castle, and Rey hears Anakin’s lightsaber be summoned from below the castle. After touching it, Rey was teleported into vision of the Force, which in many ways connected her to the broader Skywalker story.

While most of the scenes in Rey’s vision were interpreted by the other two in the film. Star Wars A trilogy of sequels, and some are still unclear. However, this scene made Rey really connect with the legend before she officially became Skywalker. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. from the connection to the original Star Wars trio, omen Divine Power Awakens‘ finish, and set Star Wars: The Last Jedi And the rise of skywalkerhere are every vision Rey sees, and what they mean in the context of her journey and the whole Skywalker story.

5 Rey Saw Bespin’s Corridor in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

One of the images Rey saw, could technically be classified as Star Wars Forces, the corridor of Bespin where Luke and Vader fight The Empire Strikes Back. This is where Rey is first teleported to, standing in the hallway where Luke and Vader have a climactic confrontation. While this seems like a somewhat random location, the deeper meaning behind this scene in Rey’s vision concerns where her character is going in the story. Star Wars The sequel trilogy.

this location is a big part Star Wars Not only legends attached to the biggest storyline Star Wars But it’s one of the biggest movies in cinematic history. Bespin’s Hall leads Luke suspended from a catapult, where he discovers that Darth Vader is his father. Although this is an important moment Star Wars, this connection to Rey comes from Skywalker lineage. Here, both Luke and the audience discover that the history of the Skywalker family is much more complex than initially thought, and that history will span the entire Skywalker saga.

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Rey witnesses the place, and it has something to do with her becoming Skywalker in the latter two films. Rey saw the location because it was the first time Darth Vader was revealed to be Anakin Skywalker – in the movie sequence at least. Star Wars – The Skywalker lineage becomes even more important here. Rey saw this, as she was destined to continue the Skywalker line after taking a name for herself in 2017. the rise of skywalker.

4 Luke and R2-D2 in the Ruins of Ossus

Luke's Jedi Temple burns down in The Last Jedi.

The next location Rey is teleported to is Divine Power Awakens‘Force Vision was Ossus.First, when first published Star Wars: The Force AwakensThe location and scene it introduces are still a mystery. However, the release Star Wars: The Last Jedi This part of Force Vision is clearly visible, with a hooded Luke Skywalker resting his hand on R2-D2 while looking out over the burning Jedi Temple on Ossus.

It is revealed that this scene takes place after Ben Solo becomes Kylo Ren and destroys Luke’s Temple. In the vision, Luke is kneeling with the fire burning to his left. Although it is not explicitly stated that the fire came from the burning of Luke’s Jedi temple, the scene is very similar to the one from the movie. the last jediin which Luke watches the burning temple from afar. This part of Rey’s Force vision naturally foreshadowed the last jediReleased two years later, the mystery of the masked Luke Skywalker has been unraveled.

3 The Massacre of Kylo and Knight Ren

Kylo and Knight Ren

Of all the scenes in Rey’s vision of the Force, the one where Kylo Ren and his Knights slaughter a group of people remains the least obvious. Rey is teleported to a desolate land flooded with torrential rain. She looked up, only to see Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber crash into an unknown warrior, before shrinking to reveal a pile of dead soldiers surrounding Kylo and his Ren knights. This scene has not been explained yet Star Wars This could be a sign of a lack of connection between the three sequels, as JJ Abrams has bigger plans for Knights of Ren than Rian Johnson.

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In this scene, a lightning bolt reveals a structure in the background that could be another structure Star Wars The Jedi Temple in Rey’s vision of the Force. Regardless, this is never explored in the film’s two sequels. As such, it can mostly be understood as the setting for the main antagonist Kylo and his henchman Ren Knight in the next three films. In addition to showing off their fighting prowess, it also sparked a fight between Rey and Kylo, ​​with the scene ending with him charging at her menacingly.

2 Rey’s parents left her in Jakku

Young Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens

The next scene has Rey standing in the Jakku desert watching her younger self being stopped by Onka Pruitt. Young Rey screams to call someone back, and then Rey looks up and sees a spaceship flying off the planet.exist the last jedi And the rise of skywalkerApparently this scene is when Rey’s parents escape from Jakku and leave her in Pratt’s care. Although the meaning of this scene is different the last jedi And the rise of skywalkerBoth films explain why this part of Rey’s vision of the Force is so important to her character.

the last jediThe explanation that Rey’s parents dumped her and abandoned her for money makes the scene painful to look back on, as it explains the vision of the Force and makes Rey’s character go from bad to worse. more compassionate. the rise of skywalker Introduction – Rey’s parents hid her in Jakku and ran away so Palpatine couldn’t find her – more background info Divine Power Awakens imagine. It establishes Rey’s lonely character arc, but also foreshadows her being Palpatine’s niece.

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1 Rey’s Force Vision foretells the End of the Force Awakening

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey battles Kylo Ren at Base Starkiller.

Finally, the last thing Rey sees in the force vision hint at the end of the story Spirit awakening. As her parents’ ship flies towards the sun, it becomes a small red lightbox, and she goes into the snowy forest to confront Kylo. The red lightbox signals the Starkiller Base, and is similar to the scene in the scene where Kylo kills Han, with the sun turning into a red light.

Likewise, the snowy forest is the setting for Base Starkiller, where Rey battles Kylo at the film’s climax. This is part of Rey’s vision of the Force, as it shows where she truly accepts herself as a Jedi. Later in the film, Rey will capture Anakin’s lightsaber for the first time and have faith in the Force that will defeat Kylo Ren, and her Force vision will tell her this will happen. Where. Apparently, Rey’s vision of the Force has a lot going on in it Star Wars: The Force Awakensand could even be brought back when Daisy Ridley plays Rey in her new Jedi Order movie.

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