Resident Evil 4: how to solve the Cave Shrine puzzles

Leon clearly wasn’t prepared for what he’d find in the Resident Evil 4 remake, as it would have come with more than just a mediocre gun and knife. While those basic tools can get him through the early stages of the game, it won’t be long before he’ll need to call on much stronger firepower to survive the tougher, more grotesque monsters that stand in his way. . Resident Evil 4 remake offers tons of weapons to collect such as pistols, SMGs, rifles and more. However, most will cost a lot of money, even more if you want to invest in your upgrades. You’ll have to make some tough decisions about which weapons you want to keep, and choosing a mullet can make your game much more difficult. Instead of putting all your money on a pea shooter, check out the best weapons you can get in Resident Evil 4 Remake to blast your way through Ganados and Las Plagas alike. The best weapons in Resident Evil 4

Red9 Where else could we start but with Red9? The most popular weapon, or weapon in general, from the original Resident Evil 4 is almost certainly back in the remake and just as powerful as ever. Not only can you grab this weapon from Chapter 3, making it a great option to invest in your upgrades, but it’s also tradable and has no drawbacks. By default, the Red9’s recoil is the main crit point it could land on, but if you spend a few spinels to give it some value, you’ll pretty much be able to slash with this weapon. When you unlock the exclusive upgrade, which multiplies the weapon’s power by 1.5 times, you will almost never find yourself in a situation where this weapon can’t get the job done. Grenade Launcher The Grenade Launcher is not on this list due to its high power, accuracy, or anything you would traditionally look for in a weapon. The reason it has to be here is the simple fact that you can retrieve the bolts it fires at enemies after they’re dead to greatly reduce your ammo consumption. Ammo for him is also crafted from knives, but he even has a secondary firing method to launch mines, giving him much more utility. The exclusive upgrade isn’t a game changer: it doubles your ammo capacity, but the less you have to reload, the less often you’ll find yourself stuck in a tight spot. StingrayIn the rifle category, the Stingray will never let you down. This is a semi-automatic rifle so the rate of fire is mostly up to you, plus it has a large magazine size as standard. If you hit those weak points, this baby will also deal 3x more damage and can be equipped with almost any scope. The unique buff increases your final fire speed by 2x, which shouldn’t be too much if you’re trying to be precise, but it can help a bit. LE 5 The LE 5 is an easy to overlook weapon that is like a good version of the Punisher because it has incredible penetrating power. Being an SMG, it also boasts a much higher rate of fire and clip size, as well as more power. This is the perfect weapon to get through all enemies with a shield. Again, like the Punisher, an exclusive upgrade allows the LE 5 to penetrate up to five targets at once. Broken Butterfly Another returning favourite, the Broken Butterfly magnum is not only the prettiest hand cannon in the game, it’s also the deadliest. If you don’t count the special weapons like the rocket launcher, the broken butterfly (after upgrading it) does more damage than any weapon in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The exclusive upgrade plays a big part in this by increasing its final damage by 1.5x , again just like Red9, but magnum upgrades are among the most expensive in the game, so this power up won’t come easy. Striker What is the worst part of shotguns? rate of fire Well, that is if you don’t use striker. This semi-automatic shotgun deals damage like it’s nobody’s business. It has the same power as any other shotgun, but a much better rate of fire, plus a huge magazine size so you don’t have to worry about draining an enemy in the face. If you get the exclusive upgrade, you can even double the size of the clip, which is already huge. Rocket Launcher This is a great investment in terms of money and space, but the rocket launcher is too iconic for the series to not be surprising. Yes, it has a one hit kill on almost everything and it will cost more or less depending on what difficulty level you are playing on. There are no updates because, well, what is there to improve? Unless you’re playing with infinite ammo, you only get one shot, so make it count. Primal Knife Although not technically a weapon, the knife is so good in the Resident Evil 4 remake that it deserves a mention. This tool will save your ass more often than not thanks to the new ability to parry and finish downed enemies, but the obvious drawback is durability. The Primal Knife must be unlocked by finding and destroying all 16 Clockwork Castellans in the game. What makes it the undisputed leader among all knives is the exclusive upgrade that makes it completely unbreakable no matter how much you use it.

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