Reed Galen Wikipedia, Twitter, Biography, Wife, Podcast, Education

Reed Galen Wikipedia, Twitter, Biography, Wife, Podcasts, Education

Reed Galen Wikipedia, Twitter, Biography, Wife, Podcast, Education – A skilled political strategist, Reed Galen rose to prominence in 2019 as a co-founder of the Lincoln Project. Galen co-founded The Project along with several other Republicans who were fed up with former President Trump’s presidency and wanted to prevent Trump from being re-elected.

Reed Galen Wikipedia, Twitter, Biography, Wife, Podcasts, Education

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Project Lincoln has no sponsors, a media plan that attracts only one person and could fail before Election Day. But it is currently the most famous advertising agency in the country and could serve as a model for other companies in the future.

This week on the podcast “Selling the President in 2020,” Reed Galen, co-founder of SuperPac, which aims to ensure that Donald Trump only serves one term in office, talks to Ellis Verdi’s advertising executive director Ellis Verdi. DeVito/Verdi on what he calls the “Pirate Ship” of creators has been very successful in getting inside the president’s head and turning the election in favor of Joe Biden.

The Lincoln Project

Starting today, listeners can access the latest episode of the podcast on Spotify, Google Play, Apple, TuneIn, and Stitcher. Here is the link to the fourth episode “Pirate Ship”:

The Lincoln Project successfully lobbied the president while also covering the Biden campaign with scathing social media posts and detailed ads aimed at his mind. The Lincoln Project, founded by “never blow” celebrities including George Conway, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson, seems to enjoy criticizing the president in a series of malicious posts, tweets and advertisements. The protracted attack serves two purposes: to elicit a reaction from its victims and to distance Trump from Republican supporters and conservative independents who are on the fence.

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Verdi believes that advertising agency SuperPac is the kind of advertising agency that is likely to dominate the business in the future. He cites Project Lincoln’s sharp creativity, quick ad-buying, clear mission, and fluency in multiple media platforms.

Verdi adds in the podcast that “Project Lincoln might be showing the advertising world that we might be on the wrong track right now.” They could be an ideal example of future advertising agencies.

Praise for Verdi carries weight because his venerable company has been one of the most lauded innovative companies of the past three decades, winning nearly every innovation award in the business field. DeVito/Verdi also used his skills in the political arena, serving as the main campaigning organization for several state governor, mayor and 527 elections, most notably for victories. of Hillary Clinton to the Senate.

Galen praised his team for being able to “punch (Trump’s) unrealistic bubble” by attacking him during the awkward and revealing moments of the interview. According to Galen, an action is considered successful if it can make the president feel something instinctively. Many people, according to the speaker, just wanted someone to speak up and protest,

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