Red Dead Redemption 2: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 Undeniably a great game. The main story alone can take around 50 hours, and that run time could easily be doubled by learning other stuff. Not everyone wants to spend that much time in a slow-paced open world (let alone any game), but there’s so much to see and explore that it’s hard for players to do so. all at once – pass.

Red Dead Redemption 2 There are many events that players can participate in and visit. After the credits are released, players can collect horses or guns, hunt legendary animals, visit Red Dead Redemption 2 New Austin version, dinosaur bone search and more. While some of these activities can be done at any point in the game, New Austin will only open properly after the player completes the main story. Here are some things fans can do after the ending Red Dead Redemption 2.

Discover the new Austin

Notably, a large portion Red Dead Redemption 2 The inherently large map is only really usable after completing Arthur Morgan’s Journey. Of course, players could have spent a lot of time in New Austin in the original. Red Dead Redemption: Redemptionbut they haven’t seen anything like this.

Like everything in the game, New Austin is big and beautiful. Here, there are many new animals to hunt and many secrets to uncover. Players can also revisit locations from the original game, such as Armadillo, Tumbleweed, and McFarlane’s Ranch.

pay tribute

RDR2 Greta van der Linde's Grave in Blackwater

A lot of the Van der Linde Gang didn’t make it to the end of this epic tale, and some died in the time between Arthur’s own death and the player’s takeover of John Marston. Why not pay respects on people’s graves?

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Visiting all nine tombs will also earn the player the “Triple” trophy. Gamification of grief is sad and strange, but that doesn’t mean players shouldn’t say goodbye to their favorite characters. The player wants to find all the burial sites Red Dead Redemption 2 You should watch the following videos from the GTA series on YouTube:

Say hello to an old friend as John

Tilly Jackson in the ending of Red Dead Redemption 2

happy time after defeat Red Dead Redemption 2, why not visit Marston’s old friends who are still alive? Uncle, Abigail, and Jack are all at Beecher Hope, but John can go out and find some of the rest of the gang in the world. Players can find Pearson in Rhode Island, Tilly living the high life in Saint Denis and Marybeth at the Valentine train station.

visit strangers

an old man with wild eyes said

John Marston can be found in many of the characters that Arthur helped in his travels. Some of these characters from different Strangers quests will even have their own ultimate quest that they need help with. If the player fails to complete these missions in the main game, they can complete some missions even after the final battle.

some strange quests Red Dead Redemption 2 It can really only be fully implemented like John, so it’s important to check in with people from time to time.

Hunt all legendary animals in RDR2

                Legendary Buffalo in Red Dead Online

If Arthur didn’t hunt all the legendary animals Red Dead Redemption 2, John Marston was certainly able to get the job done. Killing these creatures will allow the player to unlock more costumes and gear. If players want to do more, they can always make time for some solid fashion choices.

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More ridiculous clothing choices in the game are locked behind legendary animals, so if the player wants to look fashionable after beating RDR2 The epilogue and then the hunt is a great way to pass the time.

complete the challenge

Arthur Morgan walks down the stairs of the shop in RDR2

If players don’t want to waste time leisurely exploring the world Red Dead Redemption 2, and there are actually plenty of other games to play. Rockstar makes it easy to access by including all the player’s current stats in the menu screen Red Dead Redemption 2 for the simple old survivor.

For players who want to complete Red Dead Redemption 2 After you’ve completed 100% of the epilogue, check out the following videos (and playlists) from the GTA series on YouTube detailing all the different requirements for each challenge:

Kill the last Carolina parakeet in RDR2

Parakeet Mission Log RDR2 Carolina

It’s hard to understand why anyone would want to contribute to the extinction of this beautiful bird, but players can hunt down the last Carolina parrot Red Dead Redemption 2 If they want. If anything, it’s a pretty easter egg, since the Carolina parakeet is literally extinct around this time in real life.

collect all horses

Arthur Morgan Black Sharma in RDR2

There are many rare horses to collect Red Dead Redemption 2especially those in the wild. Players can try taming the two rarest horses Red Dead Redemption 2White Arabian and Gulf Mustangs.

some rare horses Red Dead Redemption 2 Can only be tamed at certain locations, while some can be purchased at Stables.

after the end Red Dead Redemption 2, Collecting every horse in the game is a great way to pass the time

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just relax

Marstons in RDR2 dinner

There are a lot of little things scattered throughout the game that make it very satisfying to wander around at your leisure. Of course, players can Red Dead Redemption 2 Get platinum, but sometimes the best way to relax after a long day is to go to Marston’s Ranch and do some errands.

If players want to do more, there is always Red Dead OnlineEndless repetition of the MMO formula.but for those who already love rDeadly Redemption 2, the story is likely an important part of it. You can go back and replay the story at any time.

Source: YouTube/GTA series video

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