Real Housewives of Miami: Learn About Lea Black’s Net Worth Today

Rumor has it that Lea Black won’t be coming back true housewives of miami restart. Fans wondering why she opted out may find the answer simple. Basically, she’s so rich she doesn’t need it Real housewives salary. Her estimated net worth might surprise some people rom fan.

The new cast of Real Housewives of Miami has yet to be announced. So far, Lea and another former teammate, Joanna Krupa, seem to have missed opportunities to come. rom The reboot will air on the new Peacock streaming network, not Bravo. Andy Cohen remains the show’s executive producer. In fact, Andy’s idea was to bring the Real Housewives of Miami back.

Lea Black has an estimated net worth of $65 million. Looks like she doesn’t true housewives of miami Restart earnings. Leah has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and now has a very successful line of skin care products, black beauty. She often posts about beauty products on her IG @leablackmiamiWatch singer Lea’s fundraiser at Motley Crue Vince Neil below (like former actress Ana Quincoces, Lea does a lot of charity):

Lea is married to a successful lawyer named Roy Black, and the way they met is unforgettable. Lea met her husband when he was a juror in the William Kennedy Smith rape trial because Roy was William’s attorney. A year later, Leah met him and they started dating. Lea and Roy have been married since 1994 and they have one son, RJ .

Lea has homes in Miami and Los Angeles, and she’s also very good friends with another person brave, Jeff Lewis. She appeared on Lewis’ Bravo show, crazy; lose control; crazy, as friends and customers. She also recently appeared on Jeff Lewis’ Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis lives. The show is available on XM Radio Andy Network.

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Lea is still in contact with some of them “good girl” from true housewives of miami. so who does she think? “good girl? ‘ She mentioned that she was in touch with Joanna Krupa, Kristy Rice and Karent Sierra. Although Lea may not come back rom (Lhasa Pippen could be), Don’t think she’s running away from Miami. She recently wrote a novel called “TheLittle Leah black booka fictional suspense story set in Miami society.

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